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Swadloon Round 5: Big Damage Round

So, after our last round of little energy use we now return to the amazing desert where winds and stuff are just blowing around and not giving a crap about our combatants vision although their vision really isn't being that affected by it and we shall see just the reason why that is sooner than you would think. Why sooner than you would think? Well, that would involve me getting this round up to show you just how quickly damage can happen in a single round especially when the match is between two trainers of admirable skill level. So, without any further delay which is never necessary we shall continue with this match.

Saphira opens up the round with a rough idea of where her enemy is and as such fills her mouth with that much loved Dragon energy that she's been using quite a bit this match, her gaping mouth reaching the limits of the energy it can hold goes and fires the vortex of energy-filled air. Saphira decides to go for another tactic that she's been attempting for a while and that is to blind Mors as she sends the vortex blowing across the ground while it picks up sand then sending it straight back up into the air for it to crash down into where she believes Mors to be and she seems to be exactly on point as a grunt from Mors can be heard.

Mors decides that hiding is now an obsolete idea and instead invites the Dragonair to come to hell as he charges an incredible amount of Ice energy in his mouth so much in fact that you'd be concerned about Mors freezing over. Mors reaches the point at where it is perfect to let loose and fires the icy hell and despite his vision being somewhat off, the widespread nature of the attack allows for a mean hit on Saphira who feels a cold chill and ice forms on her tail, dragging her down a tiny bit.

This small bit of misfortune isn't going to stop Saphira in the slightest though as she repeats her last action by filling her mouth with Dragon energy almost like she was at an all-you-can-eat buffet as she looks to be stuffed with food but her release of this energy reminds me of why wind is so dangerous. Gale force wind, yeah, not anything that you want to see on a day-to-day basis but I guess some people may have to, idk. Anyway, Saphira lets loose once more with the vortex hitting the mark.

Mors isn't too happy about this though and as such decides to lay a little black magic spell on the unsuspecting Dragonair. Saphira is looking extremely content as Mors' vision is put off but soon learns that this may not have been as good an idea as she thought. Mors quickly throws some eerie purple energy into the sky which at first glance looks mildly unsettling but as it settles down it turns into a giant eye which is, arguably, even more unsettling. This eye is a cruel mistress though as it seems to be strengthened by those with status ailments and this Dragonair, unfortunately, is Toxiced. Without further delay this eye sends a beam straight into the Dragonair dealing a surprising amount of damage making the Dragonair float back a bit in recoil.



Saphira and Mors are neck-and-neck in energy but Saphira is looking much worse for health as she is approaching the critical range scarily quickly.

Saphira and Mors are good for two but Mors will be feeling the exhaustion of Blizzard.
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