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Very valid point.

You could simply take all of these threads and make them, say, monthly. So at the end of every month there is a three day period where suggestions of move issues or SC problems are given, the LOs then go away and work on them and give us improvements two weeks later. The ASB is so monumentally slow that monthly implementation of changes no matter how serious would be absolutely fine. If the LOs actually did their jobs this would work well. This thread worked fine when we thought there were going to be regular updates from LOs. Sig court is a joke because no LOs do anything about it, so if that happened this idea would fail.

In practice, this suggestion and yours would likely not work anyway, because people would simply do what they have always done and go through back channels. Just last night I received two different PMs from randoms suggesting I work on changing something about the ASB with them. I occasionally get this from newblets who think I am an LO, with one person recently suggesting to me that I should make Blast Burn like it is in the animé (does anyone use Blast Burn?). I'm sure that Jeri and the other LOs get it far more. They get it from me. I know they get it from you.

And remember that someone else may have a problem with something that you do not. Sometimes that person will be wrong. Other times it will be you.

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