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>tfw Mirror Force
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It's not the change itself but how its being done. I personally don't think Pursuit needed to be nerfed at all or changed at all but frankly if people weren't yelling over each other in that conversation, you weren't going to be listened to. It's getting to the point where people are complaining that so many small things are being brought up as problems (when they aren't), and its tiring and annoying people. Myself included: I'm getting so worn-out when people argue over small little things that I'm considering leaving because I can't take it anymore and I don't want to feel stressed when I walk in a thread.

All I'm asking is for a little bit of time to just breathe. We're going to have much bigger things to discuss in the future, and if people are already at each other's throats, worn out, and tired of discussing, that doesn't help.

Fuck these crabs
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