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That would work, but the thing is, Dragonair saw him disappearing. The exhaustion point is, I think, on grounds for matching initiative. Say Dragonair was supposed to use Twister, and Dusclops supposed to just dodge it. Would Dusclops be able to do it? I doubt you would consider it a full dodge, even if Dusclops were fresh, so, why would it be able to passively evade it while exhausted? Dragonair knows exactly where Dusclops had been, because it vanished before her eyes. Invisibility is not teleportation -- even if Dusclops goes invisible, he would be exactly where he had been beforehand, unless he can quickly move out of the way. I do not see why the RNG would be involved here.

However, I would agree with your point if Saphira had not actually seen Dusclops disappearing.

If the Twister can pick up water, I believe it is rather intuitive that it would pick up sand. In fact, you have refereed it as such in the previous rounds. Even if it issued as a spiral of energy from the mouth, it is still a Twister. Something like this, about Dragon Type Twister's properties, came up recently, I think.
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