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Swadloon May As Well Just Do The Round Over.

With Curse, Pain Split and several other shenanigan happening in this quite barren, quite dry and quite interesting desert environment we're back after a while for another round of Who's Attack Is It Anyway? With your guest star, well ref, Chiko! Which, this is a pretty cool segment but I don't think our battlers quite agree as I've made them wait two days for this reffing therefore costing them time and myself SP, well, I'll make back all of that at the end of this battle especially your time of day. Anyway, without any further delay we shall get back into this battle ASAP.

With this fascinating round consisting of moves and a cheeky Dusclops, we shall start. Well, as soon as I say that it seems that Dusclops has left, wait, he's gone invisible which means reading the ghost rules but hey, was gonna have to sooner or later. Anyway, with our resident Mors now invisible, Saphira our resident Dragonair (Yes, I remembered their nicknames and what 'mons they were without checking my notes.) decides that none of this is happening and tries to fire a nice Twister at Mors while distancing herself but... Misses her mark just barely as Mors is able to sluggishly avoid the brunt of the attack but still take a bit of damage therefore not notifying Saphira of his location, nice one! Saphira, as such decides to not go through with her Fire Blast due to Mors' true location being unknown meaning Mors has no reason to even go for Ice Beam. Saphira notices this much, not going for Supersonic and then cringes as the toxins in her system take effect then screams as the curse brings her great pain. Mors is hiding behind a rock.


Mors took small damage and had a nice break, Invisibility rules are in effect. Good for two.

Saphira wasted a bit of energy and took Toxic + Curse damage, good for two.
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