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>tfw Mirror Force
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Round 18: *yawns louder*

Malefica, wanting to make sure that her opponent wastes more energy in the hopes that he KOes himself, places a devastating curse on him, black energy surrounding him for a moment before fading. While the curse is not as potent as it might be and could possibly be circumvented easier, it seems that this curse has one definitive purpose, and that's making sure that Aegislash only uses damaging attacks until the curse fades from him. His trainer has discovered a way around that, however, and simply asks for Starman to assume his Shield Stance, which is something that does in fact get around Taunt anyways and he places his shield in front of him, now being able to reduce the damage he takes from attacks. Not that any attacks are going to be coming his way, however. With ample opportunity to do so, Malefica begins to think about how she is going tear her opponent limb from...well actually sword from shield I guess in this case, and far more nasty, disturbing, and perverted thoughts that I probably can't tell you because this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY PROGRAM. This causes her mind to be stimulated, as well as whatever else, and she gains a large boost to her special attacking prowess, ending the round on a dull note.

Malefica only used a little bit of energy, so both Pokemon are actually feeling quite good right about now. Starman is taunted and Malefica has a NP boost.

Fuck these crabs
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