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Oh the conversation hasn't been constructive for a while. Not since the second post in this thread so don't go telling me how I should be acting. The fact of the matter is, I wanted to bring up a couple of points that either needed clarification or were being discussed before and people saw it as an opportunity to bring it their raging hate boners for Ghosts and completely ignore that I had brought up.

If you actually want to balance Ghosts, the answer is to strip the Gastly line, Misdreavus line, and Duskull line of their ability to change states and keep allowing the other Ghosts to use them, because they need them. Ghost is absolutely awful defensively since it has virtually no defensive synergy and tacks on additional, common weaknesses to Pokemon who frankly don't need them, and it brings little to the table offensively to help cover any other types weaknesses. Pure Ghost is the only reasonably good typing, and its the only reason why Ghosts like Cofagrigus are actually looked at, but we just gave the typing a kick in the dick by allowing one of the most common and most powerful types in the game the ability to check it.

So no more discussion about removing Ghost states. Would it be simpler? Of course. Would it be better for ASB as a whole? Absolutely not.
With all of the respect in the world Emi, behave as you may see fit but remember that we are in an open forum which allows a dialogue of discussion on the subject at hand without our feelings getting hurt.

Your points are as valid to be addressed as are the viewpoints of other members within the community. I'm not pushing aside your contribution, I'm asking you to respectfully rebuttal or defend why the other side of the coin is inherently wrong without making it personal. The discussion on ghost states should remain open so long as other members have an issue with it. I could come to a consensus with you and agree that they should not be touched maybe on the trivial reason that ghost states are part of ASB as a game. I respect that. Please respect my point of view is all I'm asking in return, and never try to silence others.
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