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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
*watches thread derail into oblivion by people who have little concept of balance*
I recommend we keep the conversation constructive rather than it turn into a situation where we do not communicate efficiently.

Clearly what I'm getting it is not a straight up immunity for ghost against fighting and normal. What I'm asking is to move away from a system that brings about yearly controversy. The more simple a game mechanic is, the better the flow of a game. The way Ghosts are currently written are too complicated. If someone wants to obtain said states, be free to add it on to a sig so you can adhere to a relic of the past. For example, a sig for gengar to go invisible seems perfectly reasonable. If you want to waste a sig on that for a Trevenant, then you probably don't want to obtain something that will patch up a weakness. Of course, this is just an opinion and the current system is fun, but at the same it is cumbersome and it keeps bringing about needless disorientation.
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