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Evolutionary Woes III

In a darkened room, the Numel paced back and forth, deep in thought. Knowing the reputation that Numel, as a species, are known to have, one wouldn't think a Numel to be deep in thought, but nevertheless, this one was. One might have thought he was muttering to himself as well, were it not for the Torkoal standing nearby, saying not a word herself, yet clearly listening intently to everything the Numel was saying.

Another way that this Numel was not ordinary was that he was speaking English. Human language. And then there was the matter of the black fedora atop his head. Yes, Vinny was a decidedly unusual specimen, but at the moment, the conflict raging in his head was one not uncommon among Pokémon in the slightest.

"...and Simple is damn useful," Vinny was murmuring as he paced back and forth. "I mean, I use a move that boosts my stats, my stats get twice the boosts. It's friggin' glorious. But then again, I'd stand to gain Solid Rock. Now that I think I'd like- Water moves ain't exactly a picnic..."

The Torkoal watched as Vinny paced back and forth, debating various pros and cons as he did so. She knew what was troubling the Numel, and wanted to offer her support, but she wasn't sure how to put it.

Eventually, Vinny stopped pacing and turned to face the Torkoal. "Hey, Shelley," he said. "What do you think, babe? I mean, youse made it clear you're cool with me stayin' like this, but suppose I was to, uh..."

Shelley didn't give Vinny a chance to finish the question. She pumped out a few puffs of White Smoke from a hole in her shell. One took the shape of a Torkoal, another took the shape of a Numel wearing a fedora. The third one, floating between them, took the shape of a heart. Then, Shelley focused, and the Numel-shaped puff changed shape, resembling a completely different creature that looked to have twin volcano peaks on its back. The heart-shaped puff changed as well- it grew larger.

Vinny gave a small smirk at this sight. "Heh... thanks, babe," he said. "I mean, you know I ain't sure about this one way or another... nice to know ya got my back either way."

Shelley focused again. Now the puffs of smoke took the shape of a man wearing a cowboy hat, and a question mark.

"Nah, the hat man's cool with it either way," Vinny responded. "I just ain't sure, cuz there's pros and cons no matter which way I go with this. Bein' bigger, havin' more raw power, that's good and all, but it'd come at the cost of Simple, and youse gots to know by now I friggin' love that Ability. While on the other hand, if I want to keep Simple, I gotta stay like this... and ain't nobody gonna take me serious like this," he sighed. "Well, I know you would," he amended with a small grin in Shelley's direction. "And the hat man, too, he's good like that... nah, but I mean our enemies. And believe you me, I've made some enemies. It comes with the territory in this, uh, line of work. Not to mention, hat man keeps interferin' with Team Rocket's affairs, and they've already tried to eliminate him more than once." Vinny sighed. "I dunno, Shells. Am I being selfish here? Simple's basically the only argument I got here, and the way I'm talkin', it's gettin' harder and harder to justify it."

In response, Shelley slowly approached the conflicted Numel and kissed him on the cheek. This elicited a small smile from the fedora-clad Fire/Ground-type.

"Heh... y'know what? I think I'll do it," Vinny decided. "I think I'll-"

At that point, however, he was interrupted by a frantic knocking at the door, followed by aforementioned door swinging open. A middle-aged man in a suit came stumbling into the room, out of breath and disheveled.

"What," Vinny snapped to the man, "have I told youse about interrupting my private time?" Despite Vinny being decidedly shorter than this man, the newcomer looked almost fearful of the Numel.

"My apologies, boss," he said hastily, bowing respectfully. "I know you like your privacy, so you know I wouldn't have dared to interrupt were this not urgent, but you said to keep you posted if Team Rocket made any move for Masters-"

"Out with it," Vinny cut across the man's babbling. "What's this about Team Rocket and Masters?"

"They're planning an attack on Masters's Secret Base," the man explained. "My source claims the order came from the very top."

"Giovanni..." murmured Vinny. "Very well. Thank you for telling me this. You may go," he said to the man.

"Thank you, boss," the man exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief. "Thank you-"

"Enough," Vinny snapped, and the man ceased his groveling at once, instead backing out of the room in silence, bowing the entire time. Once he was gone, Vinny turned back to Shelley. "I know what I gotta do here," he said to Shelley. "Hat man ain't gonna be too pleased with what I gotta do here, but the way I see it, it's the lesser of two evils. C'mon, babe- we're goin' home. But first, I got a little... withdrawal... to make on the way."

Shelley nodded understandingly, and followed Vinny out the door. She knew exactly what the Numel meant, she knew Keith wasn't going to be happy about it, but she also knew that if it meant the difference between life and death, Keith was likely to be a lot more forgiving.


"Meowth, Fury Swipes! Chance, Aura Sphere! Mel, Poison Jab!"

Keith Masters stood outside his Secret Base, looking around in all directions- no fewer than six Team Rocket grunts were coming in from all directions, their various Pokémon closing in on the Poison-type Trainer. Several Pangoro and Krookodile, as well as a handful of Raticate, and even a Tangrowth. And several of Keith's Pokémon, the few he had been training at that moment, were doing their best to fend off the intruders. Meowth was furiously scratching and swiping at a Raticate, the Blastoise's Aura Sphere slammed into one of the Krookodile, and a formidable Mega Beedrill was plowing its large stinger into the Tangrowth. However, their efforts were looking to be in vain- the enemies kept closing in. Keith glanced up at his Secret Base- a Golbat was hovering at the top of the ladder, or else Keith would have tried to retreat into the Secret Base and get some backup.

And then, as Keith looked on, a stream of flames flew from out of nowhere, striking the Golbat down. Surprised, Keith looked around for the source of the Flamethrower. "What the-" he began.

In response, his Numel approached him, with Shelley following close behind. "'Sup, hat man?" smirked Vinny. "I ain't too late, am I?"

"Just in time, Vinny," Keith grinned back. "We need all the help we can get right about now. Vinny, Shelley, double Flamethrower!"

Immediately, the pair of Fire-types set to work, launching twin streams of powerful fire at various opponents. The Tangrowth and one of the Pangoro collapsed from the attacks. What struck Keith about this in particular, however, was just how strong Vinny's Flamethrower was- Keith didn't think his Numel had that kind of power in him.

"Vinny, what the..." Keith murmured. "That was stronger than usual for you."

"Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet, hat man," smirked Vinny. And then, as if to drive the point home, the Numel started glowing! His mind made up, Vinny allowed his body to undergo the transformation he'd been long debating the pros and cons of. His legs grew thicker and sturdier, his head got larger (as did, somehow, his fedora), and the hump on his back split into two mountain-shaped humps. And the entire time, Vinny was also getting taller. Keith looked on in astonishment as the glow faded- what was, just minutes ago, a Numel that barely came up to his knees, was now a tall, imposing , much closer to Keith's height than ever before.

"...Holy crap, Vinny," Keith murmured, holding out his Pokédex.

"Camerupt, the Eruption Pokémon, and the evolved form of Numel," said Keith's Pokédex. "Camerupt's body contains a volcano with superheated magma boiling within. It lives in volcanic craters, erupting whenever it is angered."

"Yeah, I think I made the right call here," Vinny smirked, his voice remarkably unchanged. "I ain't sayin' it was right of me to do what I had to do to do this, but I think you'll agree it's a better alternative than letting these thugs do you in, savvy?" he said to Keith.

"What you had to do-" Keith began, before a look of dawning comprehension came over his face. "...My Rare Candies," he sighed. "You know I was saving those for Marvolo, Vinny?"

"Yeah, well, extenuating circumstances and all that," replied the Camerupt, eyeing the Team Rocket grunts now regarding him warily. "Those Candies ain't gonna be too useful if you're dead, after all."

"There's something to that," Keith agreed. "So, uh, what say we deal with these Team Rocket jerks, hmm?"

"Music to my ears," Vinny smirked. "Go ahead, make the call."

"With pleasure," Keith smirked back. "Vinny, Earth Power!"

"Yeah!" exclaimed Vinny as he reared up and slammed his front feet into the ground. Immediately, the Earth all around began to erupt with Power. Every single Raticate and half the Pangoro fell to the ground unconscious immediately.

At this, half of the grunts withdrew their fallen Pokémon and ran off. Not all of the grunts did this, however- the remaining ones looked furious. "Get him!" roared one of them. "Krookodile, Aqua Tail!"

"Vinny, look out!" Keith warned his Camerupt.

"Relax, I got this," Vinny responded. Indeed, though the Krookodile landed the super effective move, the Camerupt stood his ground, his Solid Rock helping him to withstand the harsh blow.

"Heh, you sure do!" Keith said, evidently impressed. "Alright, Vinny, Headbutt, go!"

Vinny gladly obliged. The Krookodile, now panting slightly from its ultimately useless attack, was knocked to the ground by the force of the Camerupt's Headbutt.

To make matters even better, despite the fact that Keith was only giving Vinny orders at the moment, his other Pokémon were putting in a good effort against their enemies. Meowth, claws still extended, stood triumphantly atop a fallen Pangoro; Chance stood before an unconscious, frozen Tangrowth; Melittin's speed kept causing a pair of Krookodile to accidentally attack each other; and Shelley was toppling several other Krookodile with her Gyro Ball. Before long, all that remained of their opposition was one Team Rocket grunt, a pair of Krookodile, and a Pangoro.

"Grr... I won't give up," hissed the grunt. "We got orders, and unlike my teammates, I'm not such the coward as to retreat before carrying out my orders!"

"Yeah, yeah, tell it to Officer Jenny," Keith smirked. "Time to take out the trash. Vinny, let's try out one of your new moves. Rock Slide attack!"

In response, numerous red rings of energy flew out of Vinny's humps. The rings soared through the air, and as they flew above the grunt's Pokémon, a number of large rocks fell out of each ring, quickly burying the Dark-types in a pile of rocks. Meanwhile, a wall of rocks quickly went up all around the grunt, preventing him from escaping. This made his subsequent arrest by the police a very easy matter, and more to the point, it allowed Keith to escape this situation unscathed. And best of all, just as Vinny had known, the fact that Keith's life had hung in the balance made him a lot more forgiving about the fact that his Numel- sorry, Camerupt- had basically cleaned out his entire Rare Candy stash.

What?  Numel is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Numel evolved into Camerupt!

*Vinny learned Fissure!*

*Vinny learned Eruption!*

*Vinny learned Rock Slide!*

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