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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post

The day of love is upon us and a loving we shall do, because we love giving you stuff and I love getting stuff.

What I has for you today is a couple little bittys, one of which is this:

heart container and what does it do, well let me shouw you:

Heart Container
Hold Item
When hit the heart container fills up, once all 4 segments are filled up (4 hits) the user can use the container to heal themselves for 10% of their health.

The other thing is this lovely bouquet of 5 x , nom nom nom.
+ 1 Cherish Ball.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

What better excuse to shower gifts upon those we love than Valentines Day
so let us spoil our faithful team mates with some lovely gifts today.

x1 Super Pass ~ Gives you and your Pokémon some extra Monday goodness. Expires 15th February 2016.
x1 Valentine Candy ~ Gives two levels to a Pokémon with full Happiness Points from the Salon, but one level to any other Pokémon. If banked, is worth the equivalent of a regular rare candy. Full Happiness Training must be linked to when using your Valentines Candy. Please record its use upon pickup.
x1 Love Berry Juice ~ The Pokémon who drinks it will learn an Egg or MT move from its official moveset. Expires 15th February 2016.
x1 Passion Pokéblock ~ +20 Beauty & Cute Stats ~ Must be nature compatible. Expires 10th April 2016.

Hope all you lovebirds have a wonderful day!
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

On this day of love and romance let your Pokemon feel special this Valentines by trying out ONE of our kissing booths:

Slurpuff Kissing Booth When your Pokemon kisses our sassy Slurpuff they will feel invigorated gaining 2 levels and through the power of love will learn ONE new Egg or MT Move. The trainer is presented with a gift basket containing 1x TM Dazzling Gleam, 1 x Heart Scale and 3 x Mysterious Gummis.

"LOVE, too, is an acronym.

It stands for 'Level of Violence.'

A way of measuring someone's capacity to hurt.

The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself.

The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt.

The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others."

Picking up the following goodies:

x1 Heart Container (After 4 hits, heals for 10%)
x5 Rare Candies.
x1 Cherish Ball.

x1 Super Pass.
x1 Valentine Candy (+2 levels if happiness is maxed)
x1 Love Berry Juice (+1 egg/MT move)
x1 Passion Pokeblock (+20 Beauty and Cute)

x1 Slurpuff Kiss (+2 levels, +1 Egg/MT move)
x1 TM Dazzling Gleam
x1 Heart Scale
x3 Mysterious Gummis

Feeding the Valentine Candy to my level 55 Swampert (Max Happiness here), taking him to level 57.

Letting my level 1 Starly give Slurpuff a peck on the cheek (hah), taking her to level 3 and teaching her the Egg Move Steel Wing.. Also giving her the Love Berry Juice for the Egg Move Feather Dance.

Taking the rest of the goodies with me.
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