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Floor 4: Battleground.

Alex was aware that Keith had one of the biggest teams in the region, and a tinge of relief washed over him when the trainer himself appeared to have brought only two with him in the open, one being his Meowth, who the trainer knew was quite the character. The other, though, was that Heatmor he had heard of through Fragarath that joined him after he saved it and its colony from the events on Aduro.

"Hey, Alex, didn't mean to drop by unannounced." Keith started as he entered, before introducing him to Kyle, the anteater waving a claw in greeting at him.

"It's fine," he responded, sinking onto one of the stools. "I'll be honest here, I was a bit worried that I'd be caught in the middle of a storm of sorts, but a friendly face is always good to see."

As he listened to the reasoning behind Keith's visit, with the air of curiosity, Alex thought back to the moment he reached the spire, and gave a small chuckle when the note of renovations came up.

"Heh. If I told you this place was going at half price and still knocked over half a million coins, would you believe me? Worth the price though, this place is as sturdy as can be. Mind you, if Kyle's curious on the history of this place he should check with my Golett. Somehow, he came with the package as it is, and I've claimed ownership of him since, so he knows more about this place than I do."

At the mention of training, Alex smirked again, relaxed. He knew wherever Keith Golbatson Masters went, there was battling to be had.

"Yeah, we've got a training hall just through those doors," he motioned towards the openings at either side, "though given circumstances we usually end up sparring inside, rather than full-blown battling. You and your team's welcome to use itif you want to though. In fact, I think Isaac and Harpe were due to start sometime soon, but well, the schedule's changed a bit with your arrival," nodding at the Cubone and Aipom respectively.

"If I caw-d interject..." the Honchkrow crooned, in perfect english, "while it would be caw-sidered rude to say, I'm rather certain that your guests caw-d have a little rest after their voyage, and perhaps let a few of their caw-panions out for fresh air. For one, it would be caw-white caw-teous for both of us to mingle, as you people caw it, and for two, they caw-d do with a look around the place."


"Ahhh...I needed that..."

On the shore outside the Spire, Lapis stretched her legs, a dark cloth that shimmered with energy wrapped round her shoulders, to use a term. Following some business with another trainer's request, the Reaper Cloth had absorbed the trade energy, though the Dusclops had held off on absorbing the energy and evolving; She wanted to enjoy the experience of walking just a bit longer.

A small flake of snow drifted to her and evaporated.

Looking round, the phantom could see a large figure approach with a large sack, and a much smaller one in front of it. Giving a wave, she beckoned the pair near and began towards them, before stopping and clenching her hands in a combat stance.

Behind the Abomasnow, who sported several scorch marks, and the Jirachi, equally singed, were a quartet of rather angry brown felines, with a larger one sporting a magnificent red and yellow mane and a stance that fitted its regal poise, which were closing in on the pair.

'What the-where did they come from?' Lapis gasped, as the pair hunkered down, the supply sack in front of them, shielded from a barrage of painful embers. 'Yo two, get inside and call for some help. I'll hold them back...'

Grunting, the Frosted Tree lumbered past her, legendary in tow supporting her using psychic force to lift the weight of the bag and making it lighter.

They're probably hungry and saw two fire-weak travellers with a sack of food, easy pickings. I almost regret what I'm about to do...though the Pyroar may be troublesome.
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