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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
only has like 60,000 views is fucking criminal.
I mean, 60,000 is a fantastic achievement for a band(?) with only 3600 followers. Not sure if they have much publicity elsewhere but thats a grand achievement. The most I've managed on SC is 5000 so 60,000 is really something.

Anyway, I wanna know what you guys think of this kind of stuff: Akkord - Typeface

I have huge respect for this producer for sheer quality and creativity on all of his work. The big problem with dark bassline music is that it mostly sounds all the same, but this guy(s?) knows how to make his music interesting and different every time. The illusion he creates in this song is particularly impressive, whilst still keeping my neck swinging.

Also bias because I love the monochrome/digital kind of art scene and his music is perfect for his image. What do you guys think?

Other Akkord works:
Akkord - Continuum
Akkord - Megalith
Akkord - Navigate
Akkord - hex_ad
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