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Vileplume Round 3: Dem Plays Tho.

The dusty wind once blows once more through this barren wasteland, the winds seeming to last for quite a while and obscuring our view of the battlers when all of a sudden the winds die down quite a bit and once more show our battlers wanting it to give it their all this round. With a melodic tune playing in the background, something reminiscent of the SS Libra, what? I changed it ever so slightly from last time. What do you mean that SS Libra ain't enough? Ugh, maybe this is enough though.

Saphira looks back to Mors as she thinks of something delightful and by delightful, I mean, absolutely cruel for Mors but absolutely amazing for her as she whips up one heck of a draconic wind funnel, I'm talking category one cyclone level here, and she sends it flying towards the ground as she uses it to ascend and get dirt in Mors' massive eye once more, and this works to some extent as a small bit of dirt goes flying into Mors' eye as he is struck by the horrific wind funnel which is lessened by his SC, thankfully for him.

Mors still isn't impressed by that though and I mean he really isn't impressed, how disrespectful can you be? Honestly, some Pokemon. Anyway, Mors' establishes a spiritual link between him and the circling Dragonair who is approx 4 metres above him and starts draining away its HP like no tomorrow, I guess you gotta be cruel to those who are cruel to you to be kind to them? Idk, just ranting here. Anyway, Saphira is suddenly feeling extremely unwell and looking like a whole chunk of damage was taken out of here and it was. But we're not stopping there, no sirree. Mors starts swearing like a sailor, wrong kind of cursing but whatever, as Mors is cursing he starts to look weaker and so does Saphira as, when he stops, both seem like they were run over by trucks. The wind blows softly once more as Saphira's Toxic kicks in to only rub salt in the wound.


Mors lost quite a bit of HP and will be needing a breather.

Saphira took a nasty blow, has a Curse on her but is good for two due to the one-mover.
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