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Originally Posted by tau View Post
VVV Thoughts VVV

Spoiler: show
Midgeorge- 'Trials' is legitimately pretty dope. Especially dig the drum track, has that Amen break kinda flow to it. Pretty damn chill, for how up tempo it is.

Apollo77- 'Cough Drops' is wicked, man. I... kinda almost wanna ask if I can use it as a backing track for some band jam shit <.<

Kelntin- Was gonna comment on 'Anthem', then I listened to 'Workspace'. Daaaaamn son. The main riff coupled with the heavier bass hits puts me in mind of old school Castlevania, which I mean in a very very positive way.

Machamp-X- I really honestly wish I had a grasp on audio layering and electronic composition that could flow like that. Well fucking done, mayn.
Heh, thanks! Been making electronic music for just over a year now.

"Meteor Jam!"

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