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Welp, sorry for being late to reply, long day at work. Living the chef life ain't easy. Anyway:

VVV Thoughts VVV

Spoiler: show
Midgeorge- 'Trials' is legitimately pretty dope. Especially dig the drum track, has that Amen break kinda flow to it. Pretty damn chill, for how up tempo it is.

Apollo77- 'Cough Drops' is wicked, man. I... kinda almost wanna ask if I can use it as a backing track for some band jam shit <.<

Kelntin- Was gonna comment on 'Anthem', then I listened to 'Workspace'. Daaaaamn son. The main riff coupled with the heavier bass hits puts me in mind of old school Castlevania, which I mean in a very very positive way.

Machamp-X- I really honestly wish I had a grasp on audio layering and electronic composition that could flow like that. Well fucking done, mayn.

Also, holy shit Gunship. Thank you, thank you, deoxys. It's like Kavinsky and Ratatat had a child.

I love it. I love you guys.

I need to get recording, so badly. My acoustic is on loan to my band's (The Dead Rabbits, we don't have anything released yet, it formed like... this month? Late last month?) bassist, and my electric amps are just kind of stacked in the garage at the moment. We have a few songs outlined and really rough demos, but no lyrics yet, because fuck is it hard to write lyrics. I'd post some I have rough-drafting, but the embarrassment factor is high.

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