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Actually it does.

But even if it didn't, that's not what I meant. Policymaking =/= politics. From a game design point of view, to put it another way, it is only detrimental to allow the sigging of Sketch to things (even if they are stuff like Metapod). You allow them to have something that already is available through other means (sigging new moves onto Pokémon) but you don't have any control over what they get, you don't have any control over the emergent behaviour that will inevitably result and you diminish the gimmick of a frankly not that great Pokémon in Smeargle (though it does now come with more off type than Vileplume, hilariously).

The only advantages you get in allowing people to sig Sketch are that people can have fun building custom movesets for things, and fun is good (!), but then it would also be fun for me to have a Dragonite sig that was an Omni-Hurricane that dealt major damage for moderate energy. What it would not be is sensible for you to let me have it. If people want to have custom movesets they should have to get them like the rest of us.

Kuno is right. We should not allow the sigging of Sketch any more than we should allow the sigging of Transform. These moves are not the same as Conversion or Defend Order, they are totally unique moves that fundamentally throw away basic foundations of the way ASB works and should therefore only be allowed on the gimmicks they were meant for.

To put this another way, letting people sig Sketch is like having an offer that said to people "you may go into this Walmart branch and take away any 10 items free of charge, I don't care about the implications." Yes, that person could take 9 loaves of bread and a jar of nutella, but what they're actually going to do is take TVs, steaks, booze, assault rifles because what is wrong with America, etc.

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