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Knowing that she is backed into something of a corner, Amélie resolves to turn the tables, the Nidorina readying herself and her attack. Her throat begins vibrating at an incredible speed, creating a dull droning sound which reverberates throughout the arena. Sedge is having nothing of this though, thrusting his arms over his ears and leaving the sound unable to affect his mind. With a wide grin on his face, and the opposite on that of Amélie, Sedge advances on the Poison type, flooding his mouth with a dull brown aura. Opening it wide, he unleashes an unbelievable volley of orbs upon the body of Amélie, the orbs smashing over her body and leaving her grunting in pain.

Sedge has carved a reasonable lead for himself this round, but is still tired despite the low energy round. Amélie is much fresher, but has started to drop through her second half.
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