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Vileplume Round 2: No Nuke? Lame.

Mew, when I saw you had posted, that Bide wasn't crossed out but you ended up changing that, LAAAAAAAMMMEEEEE.

The dusty wind once blows once more through this barren wasteland, the winds seeming to last for quite a while and obscuring our view of the battlers when all of a sudden the winds die down quite a bit and once more show our battlers wanting it to give it their all this round. With a melodic tune playing in the background, something reminiscent of Pyrite Town, Mors thinks back on how he's poisoned and stopped the Dragonair from committing seppuku as he starts to hover up while sending up one of his fist to slam the Dragonair but Saphira has other ideas as she quickly catches onto Mors' actions and rises higher into the air while shooting down a Dragon!Twister to blow that fist back to Mors, this gives Saphira a short break before Mors forms some purple haze above him which quickly turns into a giant eye of death which quickly shoots a beam towards Saphira! Only for, y'know, Saphira to have dodged the beam and hit Mors with a super quick burst of speed, happening to hit him before he got a chance to go ethereal, as Saphira just bursts back up into the sky using the momentum before cringing from the Toxic kicking in. They end up 2 metres apart.


Mors took another decent hit, getting him closer to the second third however he is good for two.

Saphira avoided damage apart from Toxic, good for two.
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