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Round 17: *yawn*

Starman, looking to be pretty much totally out of energy but still hanging in there, tries to lay down and take a rest to restore some energy. However, his opponent has different plans and begins to yell very loudly, keeping Starman from doing much sleeping and causing him to take a hit of damage from the shockwave of normal energy that results from the attack. Well...that's basically it folks, since Champ's orders simply don't work and Mew has ordered something else. You probably want something a little more entertaining in this reffing: maybe some sex jokes or a jab at Kush always being wrong, but I don't even have that to give you. I'm under two blankets and waiting for a sandwich, I don't know what more I can really muster up to give you this reffing.

Starman has just fallen into the final third in health. Malefica is refreshed somewhat while Starman is not going to be terribly hindered by having no energy.
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