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Keith made his way slowly across the rocky terrain, careful to not get tripped up by the uneven ground and loose rocks. Meowth, electing to not even try to navigate this sort of ground, was seated as usual upon Keith's shoulder. Both of them looked up at the massive mountains that lay before them- towering peaks that stretched up to the sky, many of their tops obscured by the clouds.

"So, dis is it, huh?" Meowth said to Keith. "Dis is da place where dat rockslide happened?"

"That's the one," Keith nodded. "Clawmark Mountain Range. According to legend, there's some seriously valuable treasure within these mountains. And I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, last night's rockslide might have dislodged some of this treasure, see what I'm saying?"

"Ahhh," smirked Meowth. "Well, as long as we don't get caught up in no rockslide ourselves, den I'm all fer dis."

"That's what I like to hear," said Keith with an approving nod. With that said, he proceeded towards the mountains.

The trek only got tougher from there on out. Steep slopes; uneven, jagged terrain; horribly narrow paths overlooking huge and almost certainly fatal drops. Keith, however, had no issue with tackling such a challenge- this may as well have been another day back in Hoenn. How many days of his youth had he spent scaling the Jagged Pass? If anything, the decidedly inhospitable mountain terrain made him feel right at home, only missing the constantly warm temperature between Hoenn's tropical climate and the Jagged Pass's existance on a volcanic mountain.

One thing Keith and Meowth did notice that had nothing to do with the difficult trek was the mountains themselves- almost every inch of rock wall that was at least close to the ground seemed to be covered in sharp gouges- almost as though something had been swiping at the mountains with their claws.

"I wonder wat made dem claw marks," Meowth wondered out loud.

"No idea," Keith replied. "Though I'm guessing we can safely assume they're how these mountains got their name."

"Ya tink?" said Meowth sarcastically.

Before Keith could say anything back, they rounded a corner, and came face to face with a tremendous pile of rocks and rubble barring their way. The rocks filled in the chasm to their left and were piled high in front of them as well.

"Well," Keith said at length. "I think we know where the rockslide happened. Alright, what say we climb this thing and see what we can find?" he added."

"Oh, yeah, climb a pile o' loose rocks dat ain't structurally sound in any way. Yeah, dat ain't got no chance o' screwin' us ova," Meowth replied sarcastically.

In response, Keith simply chuckled. "Oh, ye of little faith," he smirked, plucking a Poké Ball off his belt. "You didn't think I'd come ready for this? Go, Malfoy!" he added, throwing the ball into the air, whereupon a Toxicroak materialized before them.

"Tox..." Malfoy murmured, eyeing the pile of rocks with his usual unreadable expression.

"Malfoy, we need to get to the top of this thing," Keith said to his Toxicroak. "Think you're up to the challenge?"

Malfoy smirked. "Toxicro-o-o-oak," he nodded.

Keith nodded back. "That's what I thought," he grinned. "Then let's use Rock Climb!"

"Toxi!" Malfoy exclaimed. With surprising strength (not quite as surprising when one factors in his being a Fighting-type), he lifted Keith onto his shoulders. Despite being shorter than his Trainer, he found himself able to support Keith's weight easily. Of course, there was also the fact that Keith was lighter than he looked, and he didn't look especially heavy to begin with. And then, with his knuckle claws aglow, Malfoy scrambled nimbly up the heap of rocks, as effortlessly as though he was simply running on flat, solid ground. It was kind of a cool way to travel, though Keith had no way of knowing that his backpack wasn't zipped up all the way- three of his Rare Candies had fallen out on the way up, lost forever in the chasm below, and Keith wouldn't notice this for hours in any case.

Before they knew it, Malfoy had reached the top of the rock pile. Keith climbed down tentatively, only to find that the rocks weren't too unstable- he had to take care, but it was still navigable.

Alright, let's look around, then," Keith said with a satisfied smile. "Let's shift rocks around, as carefully as we can, see what kinds of gems and stuff the rockslide shook loose."

"I'm tinkin' we should have sometin' wit Psychic out here," Meowth said. "Y'know, keep dis ting from givin' out on us if we shift too much rock? I don't wanna be buried alive."

Keith rolled his eyes. "Meowth, quit worrying, we'll be fine," he said. When these words failed to reassure Meowth, Keith sighed and took another Poké Ball off his belt. "Look, I got Bellatrix's Poké Ball right here- if I bring her out, will you calm down?"

"Maybe," Meowth said.

In response, Keith threw the ball up into the air. "Go, Bellatrix!" he exclaimed as his Skuntank appeared before him. "Alright, Bellatrix, this rock pile we're on might not stay as stable as it seems right now," he explained. "So if the need arises, you think you can keep this steady with Psychic?"

"Taaaaank," nodded Bellatrix.

"Excellent," grinned Keith. "Now that that's done, let's see what kind of valuables we can find here."

And with that, they started to search, scanning the top of the huge rock pile, shifting rock wherever they could do so carefully. The search for dislodged treasure was a long one, and as it turned out, highly tedious. For the longest time, they uncovered nothing but ordinary rocks. After a while, Keith began to doubt the presence of any treasure in the mountain.

Meowth was similarly disgruntled. Rock after rock after rock, and they had nothing to show for it! He had half a mind to get Keith to call the whole thing off. Whole day wasted, he thought furiously to himself as he continued to shift through the rubble. Rock, rock, rock, rock, Egg, rock, rock- wait, what? Meowth turned to look, and sure enough, one of the rocks he'd shifted aside was in fact a Pokémon Egg, its shell two different shades of blue.

"Hey! Hey, Keith!" Meowth exclaimed, running up to the Poison-type Trainer.

"What'd you find, Meowth? I-" began Keith, but as he turned and looked at Meowth, he saw the answer immediately- the Egg Meowth was carefully clutching. "...Holy crap," Keith murmured. "Is that an Egg?"

"Sure looks like it," nodded Meowth, carefully setting the Egg down on the rocks.

"Wow," Keith murmured, sitting down. "The rockslide must've taken out a nest of some sort."

Bellatrix and Malfoy were equally intrigued by the Egg. The Toxicroak and Skuntank slowly made their way towards it, inspecting it curiously. Finally, Malfoy gently picked it up and helped Bellatrix to wrap it in her fluffy tail fur.

"Good thinking," Keith nodded approvingly. "Meowth, let's keep looking for stuff, but if we don't find anything soon, we may just turn back."

"Best idea I heard all day," Meowth agreed. "Dat Egg's da most excitin' ting we found in dis place."

And so they resumed the search while Malfoy and Bellatrix concentrated on keeping the Egg warm and safe, but after a while, Keith was forced to conclude that Meowth was right- other than the Egg, it seemed as though there were no other treasures to be found, at least in this rock pile. Defeated, Keith and Meowth walked back over to Bellatrix and Malfoy, about to state their intentions to go home, when Keith noticed his Skuntank and Toxicroak acting oddly. They looked excited about something, and as Keith got closer, he could see just what. Cracks had formed in the Egg's shell- it was hatching!

"W-whoa! It's hatching!?" Meowth exclaimed. "Wat do we do?"

"I don't know," Keith remarked. "I've never dealt with an Egg hatching without taking it to the Egg House, and we're in the middle of the mountains, so I somehow doubt that's an option."

Bellatrix and Malfoy didn't seem especially worried, though. They were holding the Egg steady on the uneven rocks as it continued to crack. And then, at long last, the shell fell away completely, revealing a... a...

Keith blinked in surprise. The Egg's occupant was completely out of the shell and visible now, but that didn't clear much up. It was a thin creature, its long, thin arms and legs tipped with sharp claws. Oddly, in addition to the fur, it also sported feathers- three long, thin ones as a tail, and one big one atop its head. It looked like a Sneasel, but not like any Sneasel Keith had ever seen before. No, the Sneasel Keith was accustomed to seeing had black fur and red feathers. This one had chocolate brown fur, and its feathers were a pale, icy shade of blue. And Keith was pretty sure this wasn't a Shiny, either- he'd seen a picture of what Shiny Sneasel looked like- vivid pink fur with bright yellow feathers. He remembered it distinctly because he thought it was so weird. He took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the newborn, who was currently looking at Bellatrix and Malfoy curiously. Further to his confusion, it was indeed an image of an ordinary Sneasel that showed up on the screen.

"Sneasel, the Sharp Claw Pokémon," said Keith's Pokédex. "Sneasel drives birds such as Pidgey and Spearow away from their nests, then feasts on the Eggs left behind. As cunning as it is vicious, it will often work with a partner to lure Pokémon away from their Eggs."

"Ehhh, is it just me, or ain't Sneasel usually black and red?" Meowth remarked.

"It ain't just you," Keith responded, but before he could say more, his Pokédex piped up again.

"Analysis complete," said the device. "Specimen's coloration matches neither the usual nor the Shiny coloration for this variety. Initializing further analysis..."

"Huh," Keith remarked. "My old Pokédex never went above and beyond like this. Must be a new feature. Let's see what it has to say."

"Additional analysis ongoing," replied the Pokédex. "Estimated time until analysis complete; 1 hour."

"Of friggin' course," Keith groaned.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon seemed decidedly unconcerned with the Pokédex's lack of helpful information at this time. Sneasel had been happily hugging Bellatrix, and was now trying to imitate the way Malfoy was posing, aiming his claws the same way Malfoy was aiming his knuckle claws, continually looking up at the Toxicroak with an admiring expression.

"Malfoy and Bellatrix really seem ta like dat Sneasel," Meowth remarked. "I tink he tinks dey're his parents."

"His parents, huh?" Keith murmured, a small smile forming on his face, as well as a familiar gleam coming into his eyes. He knew what had to be done here, and he for one was all for it. He approached Bellatrix, Malfoy, and Sneasel, who turned to look at him. Sneasel slowly and curiously approached Keith. "Hi, there," Keith smiled at the Sneasel. "My name's Keith."

"Snee..." Sneasel murmured, eyeing Keith with interest. Keith had extended a hand to the Dark/Ice-type, who inspected it curiously... before jumping forward and hugging Keith. Malfoy and Bellatrix laughed at this, for this had caused Keith to lose his balance and fall on his back. Meowth was also laughing, and even Keith had to chuckle. And once he realized he hadn't hurt Keith, Sneasel was laughing, too.

"Oh, man..." Keith chuckled as he righted himself. "Bellatrix, Malfoy, you two really seem to have taken a liking to Sneasel, huh?"

"Tank, Skuntank," nodded Bellatrix.

"Croooaaaak," added Malfoy, also nodding.

"I thought so," smiled Keith. "Well, then, what say we keep him?"

This suggestion was met with enthusiastic cheering from both Poison-types, even the normally stoic Malfoy. Keith looked at Meowth, but if the Scratch Cat Pokémon had any objections to having this Sneasel as a teammate, he was keeping them quiet.

"We just need a name for you, then, little guy," Keith said. "Bellatrix, Malfoy, of course I'll want you to be in agreement on the name- I take it you'll be adopting him, like James and Lily adopted Six?"

"Tank, tank," nodded Bellatrix.

"Toxi," nodded Malfoy.

Keith smiled- he'd figured as much. Malfoy and Bellatrix had been trying to find an infant Pokémon to adopt as their own son, seeing as actually breeding would be impossible for them. Love may know no Egg groups, but having children was a whole other swarm of Yanma. "Alright, then, lemme think," Keith said, racking his brains for an idea. "Hmm...

"Just trowin' an idea out here," Meowth said after a minute of silence. "How about Lenny?"

"Lenny?" repeated Keith. "Where'd you get that?"

"I started goin' trough characters from da Simpsons in my head, and fer some reason, dat name stuck. I dunno, dey seem ta like it," shrugged Meowth. Sure enough, as Keith glanced over at his Poison-types, they were looking at each other, nodding seemingly in agreement with Meowth's idea.

"Huh," said Keith. "How about it, Sneasel?" Keith added, addressing the oddly colored Dark/Ice-type. "Want your name to be Lenny?"

"Sneasel..." murmured Sneasel. Then, he grinned eagerly. "Sneasel snee!" he exclaimed, slashing at the air with his claws.

"I guess that settles that," smiled Keith. "We all agreed he'll be called Lenny, then?"

"Skuntank!" nodded Bellatrix.

"Toxicrooooak!" agreed Malfoy.

"Snee! Sneasel!" Sneasel added enthusiastically.

"Then it's settled," Keith said, producing a pale blue sphere from his backpack. "Welcome to the team, Lenny!" he smiled, before throwing the ball at the newly-named Sneasel. "Go, Ice Ball!"

The ball bounced off of Lenny's head and flew up into the air, whereupon it split open and sucked the Sneasel inside in a flash of red light. The sphere then snapped shut and fell to the ground, where it rocked back and forth for a little bit, before finally falling still.

"Yes!" Keith grinned, scooping up the Ice Ball and holding it up high. "I just caught... a Sneasel!"

"Meowth! Dat's right!" Meowth added.

With that done, it was then unanimously agreed upon that it was time to get off the unstable pile of rocks. And this time, it was Bellatrix who helped to get them down, gently lifting Keith, Meowth, and Malfoy off the rock pile by way of her Psychic attack. After that, Keith withdrew his Skuntank, but she came right back out- Bellatrix, it seems, was intent on spending time with her adoptive son as soon as possible. Keith, seeing no reason to disagree with this sort of logic, sent Lenny back out, and smiled as he watched his new Pokémon run around. Malfoy even carried the Sneasel around on his shoulders at one point. Even if they hadn't found any treasure from a financial standpoint, Keith was nonetheless pleased with what treasure they did find today.

OOC: Trading 3 Rare Candies to Talon for his level 1 male Sneasel with 10 Happiness Points.

*Trade Commenced*

Upon completion of the trade, transferring Lenny the Sneasel into this Ice Ball, discarding his old Poké Ball in the process.
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