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Glaring at his opponent, evidently irritated that he hasn't quite managed to make his type advantage work for him yet, Sedge raises a leg high, determined to see c hurt. Allowing a dull brown aura to engulf his blue tinged limb, he roars a defiant cry as he brings it hammering into the ground, small tufts of dirt exploding into the air as the energy snakes towards Amélie. The Nidorina has other ideas though, a wide, fanged grin crawling across her face as she crouches low to the ground. With a sharp burst of energy through her legs, she shoots off like a rocket, her arcing trajectory taking her well away from the ensuing explosion of earth and energy. Continuing her run, she arcs with a sharper motion, set on ploughing through the body of Sedge, but the Marshtomp is already readying his next blow. His mouth bulges with sodden energy, and with an almighty cry, he unleashes a barrage upon Amélie just as she is upon him. The result is a slosh of dull energy, some of the orbs managing to burst over the skin of Amélie while some are sent reeling off target as the Marshtomp is tackled to the ground, his slick skin managing to set him free as Amélie attempts a pin.

Sedge holds a very slim lead, with Amélie just entering the second third, Sedge about to follow. Sedge is looking a fair bit fresher, though that isn't saying much - Amélie is tuckered while Sedge is looking a bit strained.
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