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Watching the events go ahead, Jamie knew inside that this round would make or break him and Yakuza. As the Ninjask snatched the ring from the crow, Jamie frowned, knowing that with the speed that the species were famed for, his run in the Pokeringer was over as the clink of the ring on the post finished the contest.

Yakuza, however, wasn't one to let meagre rules finish him as he launched his ice beam forward and struck said post as the unfinished symphony claimed his foe's consciousness as it smiled erratically.

"Yakuza, you did well, and I'm doubtlessly proud of you." Jamie called as his balloon landed and he noted the victorious insect, making a mental note to train Yakuza further for when the next Pokeringer contest opened up.

OOC: Picking up a Ball which coincidentally isn't actually Flying but rather an actual Flying Ball, and an Dark Pulse TM, teaching it to my Honchkrow.

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