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Melittin Vs. The Mega II

The sun reflected off of the Key Stone set into Keith's Mega Hat as he walked along the shore of the lake. This was it. He and Melittin had been training hard, and at last, Keith knew they were both ready for a rematch.

"Ya sure he'll show up?" Meowth asked Keith, the Normal-type seated as usual on his Trainer's shoulder.

"Heh, you kidding?" grinned Keith. "That dick never passes up an opportunity to humiliate me. He'll show, Meowth, make no mistake."

Indeed, as Keith came to an area where a number of people were gathered, he saw none other than his longtime rival Ralph McPhione standing across from him. The gathered Trainers, many of whom had been present the last time Keith and Ralph battled, were quick to notice this.

"McPhione," Keith said.

"Masters," sneered Ralph. "I gotta say, it's not often you're dumb enough to actually request that I kick your ass. Usually we just bump into each other and it all goes downhill for you from there."

"You just gonna stand there talking?" demanded Keith. "I called you here for a Pokémon fight, and that's what I intend to have here. Same as last time- three one-on-one matches, best two out of three wins. That good with you?"

"Worked pretty well for me last time," retorted Ralph. "And make no mistake, it'll work out just as well for me this time," he added, as he threw a Dusk Ball. "Zweilous, stand by!" he shouted.

Keith's eyes narrowed as he saw the Dark/Dragon-type materialize. That thing had been able to take out Scorpius last time, despite him having evolved into Drapion during the match. Much as he was sure Scorpius would've liked another shot at Zweilous, he wanted to see how another of his Pokémon would do- she was, after all, due to participate in another battle he had scheduled.

Keith plucked the Premier Ball off his belt and clicked the button, bringing it to its full size. As he did this, one of the bystanding Trainers had taken the position on the sidelines, intending to act as referee. Keith then threw the Premier Ball. "OK! Ariana, let's go!" Keith exclaimed, as his Trubbish materialized in a blast of light. Ralph gave a derisive snort at the sight of the Trubbish, which caused her to look down in embarrassment. "Don't pay attention to him, Ariana," Keith called encouragingly. "What he thinks doesn't matter. I know you can do this, OK?"

"T-trub, Trubbish!" Ariana nodded, the words doing wonders to restore her confidence.

"OK, match number one- Zweilous vs. Trubbish," announced the referee. "Begin!"

"OK, Ariana! Use Take Down!" Keith commanded.

"Use Dragon Rush!" roared Ralph.

Immediately, both combatants charged forward, Ariana cloaked in a bright yellow aura, Zweilous surrounded by powerful blue energy takign a dragon-like shape. They collided in the middle of the makeshift battlefield, and Ariana was sent flying backwards. But to Ralph's surprise, so was Zweilous! Both of them slammed into the ground, but were able to get right back up.

"Now, Zweilous, use Double Hit!" ordered Ralph.

"Double Slap, let's go!" Keith called to Ariana.

Again, Ariana and Zweilous rushed at each other. But this time, Ariana's attack was quicker. Before Zweilous could strike with either of its heads, the Trubbish proceeded to slap the Hostile Pokémon, again, and again, and again. And what was more, Keith was delighted to see one of the slaps leave a trail of yellow gas in its wake. Zweilous froze up upon one of the heads inhaling this gas, and abandoned its attempt to attack.

"What are you doing?!" Ralph screamed. "Attack that Trubbish!"

"Yeah, that ain't happening," Keith grinned. "My Trubbish's Ability is Stench- that Double Slap made your Zweilous flinch! Now, Ariana!" he added. "Gunk Shot! Go!"

"Truuuuuuubb..." Ariana said as she held up her arms, charging what appeared to be a garbage bag aglow with purple energy between said arms. "...bbiiiiiiiish!" she yelled, hurling the glowing glob of garbage. Zweilous cried out in equal measures of pain and disgust as the attack made contact.

Now Keith was on a roll, and he knew it, too. "Infestation attack!" he called out.

Ariana took a deep breath, and burped loud and long. As she did so, a large swarm of glowing green gnats flew out of her mouth, whereupon they began to swarm all around Zweilous. The super effective Bug move was seriously pestering the Zweilous, but the more it tried to swat the bugs away, the more damage they caused to it.

"Zweilous, that does it!" Ralph snapped. "Use Earth Power right this second!"

"Ariana, give it a Rock Blast!" Keith ordered.

Zweilous reared up on its hind legs, but once again, Ariana was quicker. She started firing a barrage of large rocks out of her mouth. Keith watched as they plowed into Zweilous one right after the other, and he was delighted to see one of the rocks surrounded by the same yellow gas from before- Stench was kicking in again!

"Zweilous!" exclaimed Ralph. The Rock Blast had done its job, and thanks to Stench, the Dark/Dragon-type had flinched- it couldn't use its Earth Power attack.

"Let's wrap this up, Ariana!" Keith called out. "Use Sludge Wave!"

Almost immediately, a thick layer of translucent purple sludge formed all around Ariana. "Truuuuuuubb.... BBIIIIIIIIIIIIISH!!!" Ariana bellowed as the disgusting glop was unleashed all at once. The battered, beaten Zweilous found itself getting drenched in disgusting sludge, and this was just too much for it. The Hostile Pokémon slumped to the ground, not even trying to stand back up.

And that was all their referee needed to see. "Zweilous is unable to battle!" he declared. "The Trubbish is the winner!"

"Ariana, you were great!" Keith exclaimed as his Trubbish came running up to him. Keith scooped the adorable sentient trash bag into his arms and hugged her warmly, turning several onlookers' faces a delicate shade of green in the process. Ignoring this, Keith placed the Trubbish on the ground so she could watch the next round.

"This one'll be in the water," said Ralph. "And I forbid you to use that freakish Qwilfish of yours!" he added.

Keith raised an eyebrow. "You forbid me?" he repeated.

"You heard me," snapped Ralph. "That thing is not natural!"

"You mean he's too powerful for you to handle," smirked Keith. "Well, tough Timer Balls. I'll use him if I so please... and if I had him on me, which I don't at the moment." Meowth facepalmed (facepawed?).

"Heh, yeah, right," smirked Ralph as he threw a Safari Ball out over the lake. "Dragonair, stand by!" he called as a serpentine blue Pokémon materialized in the water. Keith remembered seeing this one as well- it had a powerful Thunder attack as he recalled, so any Water-type he used would be at a disadvantage. Then again, he reasoned, who said he had to use a Water-type? True, what he was thinking would put him at risk from any Dragon-type moves Dragonair might be packing, but it had some pretty good moves of its own in that regard...

Keith produced a Safari Ball of his own and threw it out onto the water. "Go, Neville!" he shouted, the ball splitting open to reveal a magnificent Dragalge.

Ralph raised an eyebrow. "One of those things?" he snorted. "OK, I'll be damned if I end up losing to such a disgraceful excuse for a Dragon-type. Dragonair, ready!"

"The hell did you just say about my Dragalge?" Keith demanded.

"You heard me, Masters," sneered Ralph. "That thing lost its right to be a Dragon-type the second it decided to be a Poison-type."

"You're delusional!" Keith exclaimed. "Why do you hate Poison-types so much, anyway?"

"Never you mind," snapped Ralph. "Dragonair! Dragon Pulse!"

"Neville, let's show 'em a real Dragon Pulse!" Keith ordered.

The Dragon Pulses were fired simultaneously. Both turquoise spheres of energy exploded violently over the surface of the water.

"Now use Dragon Rush!" Ralph shouted.

"Neville, use Smokescreen!" Keith called.

"Galgeeee!" Neville responded, firing a shot of ink from his mouth. Fired expertly, the attack got Dragonair right in the eyes, and as a result, its subsequent attempt at using Dragon Rush missed completely.

"Now, Neville!" Keith exclaimed as Dragonair was attempting to wash the ink out of its eyes with the lake water. "Play Rough, let's go!"

"Use Ice Beam!" snapped Ralph.

Neville charged forward, plowing through the water, but unfortunately for him, Dragonair wheeled around to face Neville, all the ink washed away. Its horn glowing a pale blue, Dragonair unleashed a powerful bolt of icy energy. Keith gritted his teeth as the super effective move made contact. And what was more, ice was spreading all over Neville's body as a result.

"No, Neville!" Keith exclaimed. "Use Draco Meteor!"

Though the ice continued to spread, a glowing orb of energy formed in the Dragalge's mouth. As it grew, the ice surrounding it began to crack. And then, finally, the ice exploded off of Neville as the orb flew up into the air and split into numerous shards of energy, which then began to rain down upon Dragonair. It was able to evade many of the shards, but a decent amount of them still made contact. More to the point, the ice had stopped spreading all over Neville's body.

"Dragonair, let's finish this!" Ralph ordered. "Dragon Rush!"

"Use Double Team!" Keith called.

Multiple copies of Neville began to materialize in the water, but Dragonair was undeterred. A powerful aura formed around Dragonair, taking a menacing, dragon-esque shape, before the Dragon-type jumped out of the water and dove down towards one of the Double Team copies. Or so Keith thought, anyway- as the move made contact, Keith realized entirely too late that it had in fact hit the real Neville. Once the ensuing spray of water died down, Keith saw his Dragalge adrift on the surface of the lake, feebly stirring.

"Dragalge is unable to battle!" declared the referee. "Dragonair is the winner!"

"Neville, come back!" Keith called, holding out the Safari Ball as Ralph held out his own. The two Dragon-types were withdrawn simultaneously. "Don't sweat it, you were great out there," Keith murmured to the Safari Ball. "You'll get it next time."

"Fat chance, Masters," sneered Ralph, who, Keith noticed, was already gripping a Great Ball in his hand. "Even you, stupid though you are, must know what's in this ball."

"Oh, I know what's in that ball," Keith nodded, taking a regular Poké Ball off of his belt. "And I, in turn, assume that your brain has not yet been addled by all of that hair grease, and therefore, that you must know what's in this ball."

"Heh. I think I can guess," Ralph smirked. "So you really think this is gonna be any different from last time?"

Keith chuckled, taking a second to tweak the brim of his hat, which had the added effect of allowing the Key Stone to catch the sunlight (and by extension, Ralph's attention). "You tell me, McPhione," was all he said.

Ralph's smirk widened. "I see," he said. "Finally wised up about Mega Evolution, hmm? Well, we'll just see about that. Sceptile! Stand by!" he shouted, throwing the Great Ball.

At the same time, Keith threw the Poké Ball. "I choose Melittin!" he exclaimed, his Beedrill appearing at the same time as Ralph's Sceptile. This time, the Sceptilite Sceptile wore around its neck was immediately visible. However, also visible on Melittin was a brown wristband on his left stinger, with a distinctive spherical stone set into it- the Beedrillite.

"Sceptile, Dual Chop!" ordered Ralph.

"Melittin, Twineedle!" Keith called.

The fight was on. Sceptile charged forward, its arm leaves aglow with Dragon energy, while Melittin flew forward, its forearm stingers aglow with Bug energy and poison in equal measures. They slashed and stabbed at each other, each managing to block the other's attacks rather effectively.

"Still evenly matched," remarked Ralph. "Well, not for long," he added, taking a familiar device out of his pocket. He pressed the button to bring the Mega Scepter to its full length, before striking the ground with it. "Sceptile, Mega Evolve!" he exclaimed.

Keith watched the transformation take place, the tendrils of energy connect the Key Stone and the Sceptilite. It was a sight he remembered all too well from many months ago, but this time, he was feeling confident about the battle. And at last, the transformation was complete- Sceptile had, once again, Mega Evolved.

Keith and Melittin exchanged highly significant glances. This, they both knew, was the time to unleash the full extent of the Beedrill's power. Keith grabbed the brim of the Mega Hat, swept it off his head, and held it up high. "Melittin!" he exclaimed. "Mega Evolve!"

At once, four tendrils of energy erupted from the Key Stone on Keith's hat, each one connecting with one of the four tendrils of energy erupting from the Beedrillite Melittin was wearing. Once they connected, the transformation began. Melittin's stingers grew sharper and longer, and two more stingers sprouted from its hind legs. At the same time, its rear stinger changed in shape slightly, as did the Beedrill's wings, and before Keith knew it, the transformation was complete- Melittin hovered before him in his formidable form.

Melittin's Beedrillite is reacting to Keith's Mega Hat!




Melittin has Mega Evolved into Mega Beedrill!
The crowd murmured excitedly- it wasn't often any Trainer got to see a battle between two Mega Evolved Pokémon, and now, that's just what they were in for. Melittin looked more fierce than any Beedrill had ever looked before, all five of his stingers sharp and ready for action.

"Wow," was all Meowth could say.

"You're damn right, 'wow'," Keith grinned. "Melittin, ready?" he called. A deep, echoing buzz from the Mega Beedrill was what Keith got as a response. "Then let's win this!" Keith exclaimed. "Use Swords Dance!"

"Sceptile, Dragon Breath now!" Ralph ordered.

Sceptile unleashed a bright green blast of energy from its mouth, but Melittin's stingers started glowing, and he spun around in midair. And this time, he did not have to cut the attack short to evade Dragon Breath- the spinning deflected the entirety of the move.

"Now! Use Poison Jab!" Keith ordered.

What happened next, Keith would have missed it if he had blinked at the wrong second. At lightning speed, Melittin stuck his four smaller stingers into grooves that were now on the sides of his rear stinger- the effect made it look like he had one very large stinger. And Melittin zipped forward with incredible speed, the whole mess of stingers aglow with a poisonous purple aura. Mega Sceptile was sent flying backwards by the force of the move, crashing into the mercifully sturdy trunk of a large tree.

"Sceptile!?" Ralph exclaimed. In response, Mega Sceptile climbed back to its feet. It was unsteady, shaky, wobbly, and looking less confident than Keith had ever seen it in that form, but still standing nevertheless. "Now use Dragon Pulse!" Ralph ordered.

"Fury Attack!" Keith shouted.

Melittin flew forward at dizzying speeds, jabbing viciously at Sceptile with all five stingers. Despite this, however, the Grass/Dragon-type unleashed a powerful blast of Dragon energy from its mouth, sending Melittin crashing into a tree as well. The Mega Beedrill was able to right itself with little trouble, however.

"Give it a Dragon Claw!" Ralph called.

"Mel! Twineedle, do it!" Keith yelled.

The combatants lunged at each other again. This time, however, the Mega Beedrill deftly evaded the powerful swipe of Mega Sceptile's claws and put all of his stingers together again. Then, the cluster of stingers glowing a vivid shade of green, Melittin jabbed at Sceptile with great force, sending it soaring into the air. But he wasn't done- Twineedle called for two hits, after all. He flew up, zipping past Mega Sceptile, and jabbed at it a second time, this one from above, sending it tumbling to the ground. And yet, despite the damage it had taken, despite the purple tint around its forehead telling Keith it was now poisoned, Mega Sceptile still stood back up. Keith was actually in disbelief at this point- he was sure that that would have finished the job! Not only was Melittin being powered up by his Swords Dance right now, he also was able to put more power into his Bug and Poison attacks. Not only because they matched his type, either- no, as Mega Beedrill, Melittin's Ability was Adaptability. Keith knew that Ability well, as it was the same one as his Blue-Striped Basculin possessed. Adaptability allowed the Pokémon to put even more extra power than it usually would into moves matching its own type, like Melittin's Poison Jab and Twineedle. And that's to say nothing of the naturally high attack power Mega Beedrill possessed!

"Sceptile, we'll finish this once and for all!" Ralph shouted. "Get ready!"

"Melittin, let's make this one count!" Keith called.

For a moment, all was still and silent, the tension so thick in the air you'd need Defog to get through it. And then...

"Hyper Beam!" bellowed Ralph.

"Giga Impact!" Keith exclaimed.

Mega Sceptile aimed its missile-like tail at the same time Melittin positioned his stingers close together. And then, as the Grass/Dragon-type unleashed a powerful, purple-black beam of pure destructive force from his tail, Melittin zoomed forward, stingers first, spinning like a drill, streaks of intense purple and yellow energy swirling all around him. The attacks made contact, causing a powerful shockwave to erupt from the point of impact, but neither attack was stopped- in fact, Melittin was drilling his way through the Hyper Beam with Giga Impact, like a knife through incredibly destructive butter. Though the Hyper Beam was slowing Melittin's progress, it was by no means stopping him. They drew closer and closer... and then, with one last effort, Melittin forced himself forward, blasting through the Hyper Beam completely, and slamming into Mega Sceptile, pushing it backwards, plowing it clear through the trunks of several rather unfortunate trees before the Giga Impact finally died down. Everyone rushed over to get a better look, but even as they did so, Sceptile glowed briefly as it resumed its normal form, barely stirring as it lay on the ground.

"Sceptile is unable to battle!" the referee exclaimed. "Beedrill wins- which means this guy wins with a score of two wins to one loss!" he declared, gesturing towards Keith.

"YES!!!" Keith cheered as Melittin also resumed his normal form. "Mel, you were awesome!" Keith exclaimed, his Beedrill flying celebratory loop-de-loops in midair. "I knew you had it in you!"

In stark contrast to Keith's joyful reaction to the battle's outcome, Ralph was nothing short of livid. His hand was shaking so violently that he was having trouble aiming the Great Ball properly- it took him five or six tries to withdraw Sceptile. Once he finally did so, he stormed over to Keith, who looked at him expectantly. "Yes?" Keith said to Ralph.

"This was a fluke, Masters," seethed Ralph. "It has to be!" he exclaimed, firing up at the sight of Keith rolling his eyes. "I trained my noble Dragon Pokémon long and hard, there is no way in the Distortion World I should be legitimately losing to some idiotic, second-rate, loser of a Trainer, especially one who believes Missingno. are real, and who uses stupid, stinking, low-down, disgusting Poison-types!!!" he exclaimed.

Keith opened his mouth to retort, but found this to be unnecessary- Ariana, infuriated by Ralph's harsh words against her Trainer, sprang into action. The Trubbish jumped up, ramming into Ralph with a Take Down, forcing him to fall to the ground. "Trub Trubbish trub!" she exclaimed, a fire burning in her eyes the likes of which Keith had never seen before. "Trubbish Trubbish.... TRUUUUUUUBB!" she bellowed, unleashing an Infestation onto the ill-tempered Dragon-type Trainer. Ralph exclaimed angrily as he ran away, fruitlessly swatting at the numerous glowing bugs circling his head. Keith laughed at this sight, even moreso as he heard distant coughing and gagging noises implying that Ralph had swallowed one, until he felt a pair of garbagey arms hugging his legs. Keith knelt down and hugged the Trubbish gratefully.

"Heh... Ariana, thanks for that," Keith smiled. "I've never seen you so riled up before, though. What brought that on?"

Ariana blushed and looked down. "T-trub, Trubbish," she murmured. "Trubbish Trubbish trub Trubbish, Trubbish Trubbish trub."

"Ariana says youse ain't none o' da tings Ralph was calling youse," Meowth translated. "She says she couldn't live wit herself if she let him get away wit talkin' to youse like dat."

"Wow," Keith murmured. "Ariana, thanks," he said, hugging the Trubbish again, who hugged him back tightly. "You don't have to worry about that, though," he added. "Believe me, the crap he's saying to me is nothing new. He seemed a bit more agitated than usual, but this is the same old stuff I've heard from him all my life. You and I both know that the things he was saying aren't true. Now, how about we go home?" he suggested. "Get you some nice garbage to eat? And Mel," Keith added, turning to face his Beedrill with a proud expression. "You were nothing short of amazing out there, man. In fact, I think you've earned this,” he added, taking a sphere out of his backpack- one half was white, but the other was black and yellow. It was an Ultra Ball. Melittin buzzed happily upon spotting the sphere. Keith grinned- he knew Melittin had wanted to be transferred into an Ultra Ball ever since just before Keith ended up buying the Beedrillite to begin with, but the events following that served as a more than adequate distraction from that matter. But now, Keith had already forced Melittin's Poké Ball to split into useless halves, and he tapped the Beedrill with the Ultra Ball. Melittin was sucked inside the ball, which barely wobbled before pinging shut. Satisfied, Keith made his way back towards his Secret Base, though not before scooping his Trubbish into his arms- after that maneuver she pulled with Infestation, he was carrying Ariana the whole way home- she'd earned it.

(OOC: Ultra Ball is #3 of 4.)

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