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Round 16: I shall Spite you...forever and ever!

Both Pokemon go to square off again, and Malefica gets the jump on her opponent to start out with, priming up a curse inside of her body so that she can cause her opponent to lose more energy, which could be concerning considering that the last move that Starman used was Iron Head. However, her opponent is preparing to attack with something that uses a lot less energy in total than Malefica, and swings his sword into the air, getting ready to slice his opponent in two! However, the attack is not actually that powerful and most of the exaggerated motions are just for show. The two attacks come very close together, and initially its pretty difficult to see precisely what happened. While Malefica went ethereal in response to the attack and hence took pretty much no damage, the real effect in question is Starman and how much energy was likely drained out of him. It seems that his attack was just a little to slow and it drained out the energy of another Iron Head out of him, and he is starting to show some signs of tiring out, even after the very uneventful last round. I guess that's what happens when your energy tanks are running on empty.

Malefica begins again, and she is seemingly using the exact same attack that she did last time, which is unfortunate because of the constant scaling diminishing returns of the attack which make it drain less and less energy, especially when used in close timings like this. Starman isn't looking to make any moves while she's preparing her curse, but there is a pretty good reason for this, as his last attack cost pretty much no energy and so the resulting Spite this round is not going to drain a lot of energy form him. The curse sticks and the energy leaves his body, but its a mere pittance compared to the energy lost in the last two Spites. After that is his cue to go, and he charges up a ball of energy in front of him, Steel energy quickly spinning around itself and he aims it at Malefica, who is starting to feel a pretty big drain on her resources after the last few rounds. The ball of steel energy launches forwards like a cannonball and strikes Malefica head-on, dealing a lot of damage thanks to the ethereal state, but then Starman looks a little tired after doing so.

Malefica took a decent hit, now hovering over the second third, but will be tired next round and wants a break. Starman, while able to mitigate Spite, is pretty much empty on energy, running deep into critical reserves.

Fuck these crabs
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