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Mors - Male Dusclops (Level 4) @ Reaper's Token
Mors is a mysterious creature. After a stint as a reaper and a Greek God, he's settled again to a much simpler life. He has resigned himself to a life of battling in my care, though he trains minimally and rarely interacts with the rest of my squad, save for the other Ghosts. His origins are mysterious and largely unknown, but he seems to have developed some strange abilities from his previous experiences, including the ability to project his hands from his body.
Special Training - Drag You To Hell
Mors hands are detached from his body and move much like those of a Haunter. He has complete control over them and is able to send them a decent distant from his form and are able to take Ghost states independently of the rest of his body. They can move in about a 10 foot radius of his body and he is able to perform hand-based attacks even at this distance, though they will require slightly more energy.

Koka - Male Beartic (Level 4) [HP Electric]
Koka used to live among the glaciers and ice floes, happily spending his day hopping from sheet to sheet and playing in the chilly waters of the North. But slowly, his home began to disappear. The ice began to melt away and the floes and glaciers he played amongst were gone. His world suddenly became much wetter and many of his brethren fled north. Koka, however, decided to stick it out, adapting to the new warmer weather and watery environment.
Special Training - Global Warming (Water)
Due to the disappearance of Koka's icy habitat, he has learned to adapt to the wetter, warmer weather and has embraced a waterlogged existence. As such, he learned some new Water techniques to help him out. Koka can now use Crabhammer and Water Pulse and has a greater supply of Water energy, double of what he was afforded before. However, he has sacrificed some Ice moves as a consequence, never learning Frost Breath, Avalanche or Blizzard.

Pupurin - Male Jigglypuff (Level 4) [HP Ground]
Pupurin is pretty much the opposite of what anyone would think to find in a Wigglytuff. He's blunt, crass, critical, sarcastic and sometimes even a little condescending. He's rather fond of alcohol, though his puffy body gives him an astounding tolerance for the drink, making it so he can down a few cases without even the slightest bit of inebriation. He also really likes explosions, for whatever reason. Taking a page from another pink puff, he's developed an awesome sig that combines both explosions and kick-awesome weapons.
Signature Attack - Exploding Shurikens (Fairy)
Pupurin creates four small, black shuriken using Fairy energy. He then throws them in fairly quick succession. When they make contact with an object, they latch onto it and explode, dealing light damage with a good deal of concussive force. Due to their explosive nature, they are particularly good at breaking screens and protective barriers, and can be timed so that they can clear these obstructions before the rest hit their target or can be used to hit up to two targets (though each will only take half of the full possible considerable damage). The explosion is enough to shatter Reflect or Barrier, and their physical nature makes Light Screens rather susceptible. They also trigger the fading of a Safeguard or Protect, allowing the rest to get through. These cost considerable energy to make and can only be used twice a battle.

Crysta - Female Shiny Quagsire (Level 4) [HP Grass]
Hatched as a tiny pink Wooper from a mysterious egg in the land of Fizzy Bubbles, Crysta has been a faithful companion to both Tetsu and her current trainer in her stints as an adventurer and battler. After a few years of traversing Fizzy Bubbles with Tetsu, she was given to me for a tour in the ASB by the boy, hoping to give her the battling experience he couldn't provide for her, and while she still adventures with her original trainer from time to time, she has spent a good bit of the last year or so training to battle. Though aloof on the outside, Crysta is a very motherly and caring creature, but her knack for tactics has thrown her into the arena. Since she comes from the land of Fizzy Bubbles, a strange place where Pokemon can learn techniques they otherwise cannot, she has a few tricks up her sleeve others of her species don't.
Special Training - Bubbly (Water)
Crysta can use Bubblebeam, Aqua Jet and Sweet Scent, but has forgotten how to use Amnesia (ironically), Mud Sport, Mist, and Secret Power.

Max - Male Hitmonchan (Level 4) [HP Dark]
Max is a bro. He is the broiest bro to ever have been a brother. When he's not partying and knocking back a few with his best bros, he's at the gym, busy gettin' swole. Max has a secret, though. Unlike all his other bros, though, he isn't particularly fond of the company of lady types. On more than one occasion has he been caught eying the buff and muscular legs of the Hitmonlee next door. But if you ever confront him about it, you might get a fist in the face.
Signature Attack - Brofist (Various)
Striving to be the broiest of all bros, Max has developed the ultimate brofist. Any attack involving punching can be used in conjunction with this sig. Max charges up the energy utilized in the punch specified, and then punches very quickly, sending the energy out in a shockwave akin to Mach Punch. This shockwave travels at a slightly slower speed than that of Mach Punch due to the additional energy, but it's overall velocity is still quite high. To modify punches in this fashion, a mild amount of additional energy is required along with the energy of the attack itself.

Juno - Female Kangaskhan (Level 4) [HP Flying] @ Kangaskhanite
Named after the Roman goddess of women and marriage, Juno displays a personality much like her namesake. Just like the goddess, she shows great contempt for Zeus, though she's had no romantic involvement with the Zangoose, she does show a great deal of jealousy towards him and constantly strives to show him up, often seeking vengeance when outdone. Despite this rather bitter nature, Juno puts one thing above all of this, her son, dubbed Heracles (even if he's technically not her son, but the spawn of Zeus and some other innocent Kangaskhan he seduced). Despite her adoption of Herc, she still treats him as if she had given birth to him. Since taking him into her pouch, she's trained him extensively in the secrets of Kangaskhan battling. With the discovery of Mega Evolution, Herc is now quite capable of fighting alongside his mother, allowing them to develop advanced tactics to coordinate between the two.
Signature Move - >throw baby
Twice per battle, Juno can charge the energy of a physical attack of heavy damage or less into her son and then throw him at the target. While flying through the air, Herc will execute the attack at full strength, performing the attack remotely. Attacks performed this way can only be done while Mega Evolved and will cost 10% more energy. Juno can follow up with a subsequent attack, but will not perform more than one attack before she's been reunited with Herc. Herc and Juno will reunite automatically at the end of the round, provided both are able to move.


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