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Thank you for refereeing, HeroicRein. Jerichi, good luck, I hope I can do better this time.

Terrainium the Gabite has a Garchompite, but it is unusable at the moment.

Saphira: Level 4 Female Sapphire Blue Dragonair (Suh-fear-uh)

Spoiler: show
Dragonair (Dragon): Dragonair can levitate and have a higher flight ceiling than most Pokémon. They are more agile than they are fast. They can also move in the same way as Dratini and are excellent swimmers. Sunny Day or Rain Dance will last one round longer than normal if used by a Dragonair. They have decent vision in low light environments.
Saphira used to be a very timid and weak Dragon Type, nigh useless in a battle despite her species' reputation of being incredibly powerful Pokemon. This stemmed from the fact that she was not very sure of her capabilities, which prevented her from battling to her full potential. More and more losses only added to her despair, and she started to consider herself inferior to other Pokemon. This troubled and saddened her a lot, and the more doubtful about herself that she got, the worse the problem became. She seemed to grow more and more distracted in battle, always expecting the worst outcome and worrying about the consequences prematurely.

A few of the squad members concluded that the best way to restore her confidence was to provoke and anger her. A few of the prank-loving squad members started teasing her. Although Saphira did not pay attention to them at first, she eventually grew so angry that she started attacking them, genuinely scaring them enough to run away. After she calmed down, the squad pointed out that her display of power had been quite extraordinary. This incident managed to remove Saphira's insecurities, much to the relief of the rest of the squad.

Hidden Power: Steel

Special Training: Confidence

Saphira is much less prone to negative mental effects, including but not limited to confusion and sleep. She is more difficult to intimidate than other Pokemon, and is less vulnerable to flinching. However, Saphira can no longer use Draco Meteor and Hydro Pump.

Neela: Level 4 Male Druddigon (Knee-laa)

Spoiler: show
Druddigon (Dragon): Druddigon are very cold-blooded. In the sun and warmer temperatures, they will fight with great enthusiasm, but in cold temperatures or if chilled, they will quickly grow sluggish. Their skin is very tough and scaly and their body is covered in spikes; both of these factors will cause 25% recoil to physical attacks against it.
Neela has been living for an unusual amount of years, having an incredibly long lifespan, like most Dragon Types. Before meeting the legendary Mew and joining the squad, Neela used to live in a dark cave, one rich in metal ores. He did not live in the cave previously, but had had a great battle with another Druddigon over territory. After being defeated, he had come to the cave in order to recover. Neela found it difficult to see in the darkness, and often roamed around, lost and looking for hunt down. He survived by making short work of travelling Pokemon, his presence eventually causing the population of Pokemon in the cave to decrease, the Druddigon often breaking through entire groups of Pokemon to hunt.

Neela often dug in the cave floor, intending to find some small Bug Types. Digging with his sharp claws, he found an abundance of metal ores. These greatly fascinated him, and he would often spend his free time observing them. Due to this, he hoarded and carefully guarded a lot of metals which were considered extremely valuable in the past. The few travelers who survived an encounter with him often spoke tales of how a huge, draconic creature jealously guarded treasure and struck down any who dared to trespass, their stories being exaggerated due to their fear. This was a source of many legends, others making up stories of how particularly Aegislash or Escavalier went to take down this Dragon Type. Of course, all of these were made up.

Eventually, Neela determined that he had to restore his lost honour due to his previous defeat, and went to reclaim what he considered his territory by challenging the other Druddigon. The fight was extremely intense, but this time, Neela used his observations of the ores to his advantage, managing to use some Steel Type energy to empower his own attacks, and manage to tank through those of his opponent, managing to finally seize victory, and reclaim his territory, until Mew visited, and he joined the other members of the squad.

Hidden Power: Ground

Special Training: Steeling One's Will

Neela can choose to expend light Steel Type energy to give any of his physical attacks a coat of metal, which allows them to break through other attacks with greater ease, similar to an usual Steel Type move. However, he can only take advantage of this as long as he still has Steel Type energy remaining. Charging a move with this metal coating does not count as an additional move. Along with this, Neela has slightly more of Steel Type energy than other Druddigon, enough for two Flash Cannons. These charged moves do not deal more damage than usual, or change Type in any way. As a drawback that he developed during his time in the cave, due to his affinity for the Steel Type, Neela is no longer resistant to the Fire Type, but neutral to it.

Drago: Level 4 Male Green Tyrantrum

Spoiler: show
Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon): Tyrantrum have powerful jaws, giving a 20% boost to all biting attacks. They are also rather temperamental, making them more vulnerable to rage-inducing moves, but they will have a greater attack boost as a result.
Drago, like most of his species where he used to live, is completely green in colouration, including his claws and underside. The exception is the yellow stripe under his neck.

Drago was a Tyrunt born on the Drago Plateau. Most of his species is temperamental, territorial and easy to anger. However, the Tyrunt and Tyrantrum living on the Drago Plateau were not so. They lived secluded, peaceful lives. They were gentle creatures who rarely exerted their immense strength. There was harmony between the different families of Dragon Types that lived there. Even small Pokemon and inexperienced trainers were permitted there to marvel at the appearance of the rare, giant creatures, which would never be so had they lived up to the reputation of their species. They welcomed visitors readily, and while the Tyrunt played, the Tyrantrum simply looked on at the amusing sight.

The Drago Plateau hosted not only Pokemon from the Tyrunt line, but also many others, including, but not limited to, the Skorupi, Vullaby, Bonsly and Phantump lines. There are also Pokemon from the Aron lines present, but like the others, they are generally docile. Although the Tyrunt and Tyrantrum do not hunt, mostly feeding on berries, they also often feed on iron ores, which are abundant in the area. This is especially emphasized during the Tyrunt stage, where the Pokemon are constantly growing larger and stronger.

However, the large amount of iron ores present in the area also attracted people to set up mining industries, disturbing the Pokemon in the area. However, due to their peaceful nature, they did not attack. Noticing the fact that the Drago Plateau was home to rare and powerful, yet docile Pokemon, many of which would be very useful as beasts of labour and doing manwork, many of the Pokemon were captured. This included Drago. His task was to regularly dig underground and help out in mining. However, this also led to an even greater exposure to iron ores, which the Tyrunt sometimes sneakily ate up, something that the people did not quite realize. This allowed Drago to maintain his strength despite the tedious, exhausting work that he had to do everyday.

Eventually, the small minding industry developed a lot, becoming the largest in the vicinity. The Drago Plateau was still full of wild Pokemon, however, the industry fortunately being distanced enough from their natural habitats. Due to its prosperity, however, it was targeted by criminal organizations. Due to the Pokemon being so docile and peaceful, they were not suited or used to battling. Because of this, the criminal organization managed to bring even the great mining industry as their own, even going so far as to claim the Pokemon.

The criminal organization carried on the mining activities for its own advancement, but the Pokemon were not working fast enough for the greedy criminals' liking, with the Pokemon wary of their new owners. They were mistreated and malnutritioned, turning ravenous and restless. In an attempt to force the Pokemon to obey, many experiments were conducted on them. Many of the Pokemon sustained brain damage due to the experience, and lost their formerly peaceful natures.

In Drago's primal desire to eat and with him no longer the playful Pokemon that he once was, he went berserk, consuming an unnatural amount of the iron ores that the criminal organization had accumulated. With Pokemon that were usually so docile, the organization was not ready for this eventuality, and were unable to capture the Tyrunt, who destroyed his own Pokeball.

The experiments conducted on Drago resulted in his body developing and changing much faster, and his unnatural consumption of iron ores caused a change in his physique. The left half of his face, as well as his lower jaw, right hand, left leg and tail, were clearly covered with a material that was similar to Pokemon such as Aggron and Steelix. The rest of his body went through more subtle changes, more like the body of a Lucario.

Drago eventually ran away far from the Drago Plateau, going on a terrifying rampage. When he encountered the squad, Masked Man the Scizor battled him, despite him having the reputation of being an extremely aloof and quiet Pokemon, acting unusually fierce against the Tyrunt for some unknown reason. Drago, despite his ferocious, chaotic nature, was defeated and calmed, although he is still prone to occasional violent outbursts.

Hidden Power: Steel

Type Change: Steel / Dragon

Drago is now a Steel / Dragon Type, with all the associated weaknesses and resistances. The left side of Drago's face, his lower jaw, his right hand, left leg and tail are all covered with a metallic substance. These are silver in colour. These are the only places where he gets the defensive boost that comes with being a Steel Type, and the other places do not receive the Steel Type boost. Drago can now use Iron Head and Heavy Slam. He has lost the ability to use Dragon Dance, Sandstorm, Rock Polish and Draco Meteor, never being taught these moves. As a Tyrantrum, he shall lose Head Smash. Drago is considered Rock familiar. Unlike most Steel Types, he may be poisoned as normal, with the exception of the metallic parts of his body. He is also not immune to the Poison Type, but neutral to it, this time including the parts of his body covered with the metallic substance, which are also neutral to the Poison Type.

Glaedr: Level 4 Male Golden Haxorus

Spoiler: show
Haxorus (Dragon): Haxorus's tusks are tough and sharp. Any attacks utilizing these tusks are granted a 1.2x boost in power. The armor covering their bodies also gives them a slight boost to their defensive stats. Their fear inducing attacks are slightly more effective than normal.
Where Glaedr was born, the Axew line have wings at the sides of their arms, similar to the legendary Pokemon Reshiram, and these allow them to fly. They live on mountain full of caves, which few but they know how to navigate through effectively, rendering their existence a little-known fact. Even at the Axew stage, the Pokemon have wings, but these are small and fragile, barely enough to carry their weight, despite the fact that Axew are nowhere as heavy as their evolved forms. They are mainly used for the purposes of gliding until the Pokemon evolve; Fraxure can fly with some difficulty due to their wings being far more developed, and the Haxorus are even more adept, despite their great bulk.

Another reason for the Pokemon not being well-known, mere rumours, is due to the fact that the Pokemon have very high mortality rates. Of the Axew born every year, very few survive. This is because the Pokemon often carelessly attempt to fly by leaping off cliffs. Unlike the Bagon line, their skulls are not as tough, leading to several deaths. Glaedr, like most Axew, tries to fly by leaping off a cliff. He had tried to fly by leaping from lower heights, and this was the first time he had got to glide for so long. He had more success than most Axew, but this put a great strain on his wings, and he eventually crashed. Glaedr survived the fall, but his frail wings were broken off in the process.

Glaedr unwisely concluded that it would have had been better if he had lost a leg or something instead of his wings, like a certain other golden dragon, who his name may or may not be a reference to. To the surprise of the other Axew, Glaedr successfully returned where he used to live, but he was jealous of the Pokemon who evolved and were able to fly. Due to this, he looked to create some technique which would knock opponents out of the air, and put him on equal footing with airborne opponents. He knew this was selfish of him, but he could not resist the temptation. He managed to create a technique which similar to Body Slam, but this one made of energy.

Hidden Power: Steel

Signature Move: Energy Body Slam

Glaedr creates a physical energy construct, identical to him in appearance, height and weight, above his opponent. He then allows the energy construct to fall on the opponent. Damage dealt has the same stipulations as Body Slam, with Pokemon of similar size and weight as Glaedr taking about significant damage, which scales up or down depending on the difference in weight. If it hits, this attack is likely to push the target down to the ground. After the attack, this energy construct disappears. Like Body Slam, it can paralyze the target, with the same ability as Body Slam. Also, it may ground a flying or levitating target with ability similar to Smack Down. This move costs heavy Normal Type energy to use, and it deals Normal Type damage. Glaedr never learned Draco Meteor because he was too adamant to train for it.

Terrainium: Level 4 Male Gabite

Spoiler: show

Gabite (Dragon/Ground): Gabite are very quick when digging near the surface of the ground and will deal slightly more damage with Dig. They can see in the dark. Any Pokémon that strikes Gabite with a physical attack will suffer 25% recoil damage from their rough skin, unless their bodies are particularly hard. Their biting attacks are more effective, dealing 1.1x more damage than usual. They are able to disguise themselves well in sandstorms and sandy arenas.
Terrainium was always considered to be out of place. He resembled a mighty Sharpedo in appearance somewhat, but was nowhere as powerful, or capable of swimming. If he tried to swim, he sank like a rock. He was the only Gible in the society of Pokemon, so no one knew anything about the species, and thought that Terrainium was a mutant Pokemon, since he resembled a shark, yet could not swim. A strange fact was that Terrainium could not swim despite the fact that Dragon Types are generally considered good swimmers.

Terrainium wanted to get to the bottom of this. Why was he the only Dragon Type in the society who could not swim? Finally, he decided that he had to learn how to swim, after all. His self esteem depended on it. He, however, did not want anyone to see him while doing so, since the fact would embarrass him greatly. Instead, he chose to practice swimming alone.

His first attempt went horribly. He hopped into a pond, thinking that he could finally manage to swim. Having seen the other Pokemon, it did not seem to difficult to him... that is, until he began to swim. Terrainium struggled, and somehow managed to reach the shore, panting heavily. For several days, Terrainium was traumatized by this event, too scared to attempt again. Just seeing any water body made him shudder, and so did any Water Type moves. He had nearly escaped death, and this was just too much for a Pokemon as young as him. The worst part was that he could not tell anyone about his experience without the risk of being humiliated in public.

However, a thought suddenly struck him while he was digging through the soil a few days later. He could traverse through the soil so well, yet had never tried to utilize the same movements for swimming. Following this, he finally gathered the courage to try again... and this time, actually managed to start swimming slowly.

His speed, however, was too slow. This was similar to traversing through the soil, but not quite the same. Once again, Terrainium was discouraged. His hope was washing away just like the water he wanted to swim well in. What could he do? Without anyone else, he would never be able to swim properly, like other Dragon Types.

That is, until he was joined by Draco, the Dratini swimming gracefully in the water near Terrainium. The older Dragon turned her head to face him, an expression on her face indicating calmness, but also surprise at Terrainium finally having learned to swim. As it turned out, Draco had been overseeing Terrainium all along, being the best Dragon Type swimmer of all the ones Terrainium knew about. The Dratini kindly offered to help Terrainium out.

At first, Terrainium was embarrassed that his secret had been revealed. Quite apprehensively, he asked Draco to not tell anyone else, neither Pokemon, nor human. Draco wholeheartedly agreed, which led to Terrainium accepting her offer. The female gracefully showed Terrainium the ways in which he was supposed to move his body through the water. Having limbs was a boon when it came to swimming. It was not difficult to maintain balance because of them.

Terrainium grew better and better as time passed, eventually even matching Draco herself in terms of swimming. Terrainium was grateful to Draco for all the help that she had provided him, and overjoyed to now have overcome his fear. As for Draco, she was proud to have managed to have taught Terrainium enough for him to turn one of the best at the skill.

However, despite what you would think, this did not have a direct role in making his Signature, no. What actually shaped it was the fact that Terrainium now swam more than he dug underground. His body changed to match this new environment, the water having a strange effect on it.

Hidden Power: Steel

Special Resistance: Water Body

Terrainium, due to having taken so many dips in the water, is now neutral to Ice Type Moves, as opposed to weak to them. However, due to the water's effect on him, Terrainium has lost his resistance to Fire and immunity to Electric, becoming neutral to both.

Item Attached: Garchompite

Thorn: Level 4 Male Red Noivern

Spoiler: show
Noivern (Flying/Dragon): A Noivern's "ears" are actually sound amplifiers, allowing them to fire sound attacks at high volumes. Their ears also allow them to amplify sound moves to be at their full potency even when spread. They can see in the dark and have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, though they are immune to confusion from Supersonic. They fight more enthusiastically at night.
Thorn has always been a fan of high-power attacks. Instead of biding his time and unleashing his most powerful attacks when the time comes, he prefers to use them right off the bat. He has since learned to improve upon this, but he was even much more dedicated to the strongest moves before. As a Noibat, he had mastered Boomburst much earlier than other Pokemon of his species. He practiced and achieved moves like Hurricane with astonishing speed. However, he was poor at using weaker moves Gust, and tended to burn energy very fast during battles and training. The Noivern in the community realized that it would be unwise to let him continue like this.

The solution they came up with, apparently, was to allow Thorn to be trained by more experienced Dragon Types, who are more suited to handling such high-powered moves. Thorn learned restraint from them, and could manage weaker moves if required, but this made him even more thirsty for using high-powered moves, due to not being allowed to use them as often. The elders of the community of Dragon Types soon realized that this was because these moves were held in such high esteem. He wanted to use them in order to try to prove himself superior to the other Noibat.

The new solution they came up with was to teach Thorn a move that did not possess the sheer power or strain that moves like Draco Meteor possess. There were few such moves, and they ultimately decided on one of the most ancient moves that the Dragon Types knew. It was considered to be a mere rumour among the Noibat, but once Thorn was offered to be taught the move, he quickly agreed. It was very difficult for him to learn the move, but he kept trying, in the belief that he would learn the most revered move there. When he finally managed to master it, he thought that it was the most destructive attack, even though it was not. No one corrected him, however, because using it constantly was better than using the truly destructive attacks as often. In fact, the other Dragon Types encouraged this false belief, stating that he was only allowed to use it if he did not use Draco Meteor, so as to prevent him from actually seriously hurting other Noibat.

Hidden Power: Steel

Signature Move: Fossil Song

Thorn lets out a surprisingly melodious shout, releasing golden shockwaves of energy, which deal significant Rock Type damage to a target. Due to Thorn having mastered it to such an extent, he can use it faster than most other moves, although not to the extent of priority moves. The attack's mysterious, ancient nature makes it intimidating, and it can potentially frighten opponents with ability similar to Snarl. The move requires heavy Rock Type energy to use, and Thorn has enough off-Type energy to use it twice per match. He is not allowed to use Draco Meteor, because of its destructive nature.
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