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Dragonair UPN PASBL: MtG vs. Jeri in a Scenario Match

Originally Posted by Mew The Gato View Post
Mew The Gato (C) Vs. Jerichi (A)
4 Vs. 4
96 Hour DQ
Equiall 4
Switch = Gym
Desert Arena
Spoiler: show
Desert: The Desert arena is situated amidst huge sand dunes. The elevated sand will provide unstable footing at best for those unsuited to navigating the arena, and the intense heat will render Water and Ice type Pokemon uncomfortable, while the arid conditions will leave Grass type Pokemon unfamiliar with the environment uncomfortable. Beneath the surface of the sand are numerous large rock suitable for use in attacks like Stealth Rock, and there are likewise boulders jutting from the surface of the dunes which can provide cover for smaller Pokemon and be used to fuel attacks such as Rock Slide. Within reason, if one of the batters mentions positioning of an arena aspect, the battler is considered to be correct unless it contradicts a previous statement.

This is a Scenario match, so, a fairly experienced referee would be preferred.
So, this is finally a thing that is happening, you two know how this works so squad up.

Also, please be as critical as needed with lil' young me.
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