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>tfw Mirror Force
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Round 15: Nope.

Starman, not wanting to be in a position where it can be seen by the opponent, tries to get the fuck out of there by teleporting away. While it certainly learns the move, the current state of the battle has to be considered, and it suddenly finds that it can't do it. It seems that his opponent has laid a curse upon the Aegislash, cackling loudly as the Taunt seems to have worked to perfect effect, disabling the use of non-damaging moves as the Mismagius still had a pretty decent freshness advantage over her foe. She then comboes this attack into another one, laying another curse on her opponent as suddenly he finds that his energy was being sapped away, and although curses aren't as good on Ghosts and so he loses a little less than he would normally, it is still a big deal in terms of his energy anyways. Although it doesn't seem to have made him anymore tired.

Some energy lose on Starman, nothing else changed much. Malefica is still good for two.

Fuck these crabs
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