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Originally Posted by Crys View Post
I don't know if this has been brought up already, but the 1 SP / 1 Battle thing is pretty dumb and should be removed. It adds nothing of value to the Pokemon, and you should not be forced to spend SP on a Pokemon in this manner. For an example of why this is bad: If some asshat took my Spoink's pearl and threw it into say lava, deep water, a cliff, or any place where I cannot reach it, I would have to pay SP from my own pocket to replace it. That is not ok.
You do have to realize that this should only be applying to realistic battles, where 1+ battle stays at Pokecenters or outside of battle were/are pretty common since injury is usually the aim. That being said, even if it isn't removed, it should really be made consistent across so that, for example, Spoink has an alternative such as the turn out of battle/Pokecenter stay to get its pearl back rather than being forced to spend an SP to regain it.
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