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They're looking good. Thanks Jeri. I know how much of a hassle it can be.

Sorry to bring it up, just one small thing on Sableye spells its name wrong.

Sableye (Dark/Ghost): While Sableye are usually solid, they can go invisible for a short amount of time, though the glint of their eyes remains visible to a keen eye. Sabelye can also go ethereal for a few seconds to lessen damage from physical attacks. They cannot levitate at all but are excellent climbers, possessing dexterous limbs and a strong grip. Due to Ghost not providing immunity, they are considered weak to the Fighting type. Due to their keen eyesight, Sableye's accuracy cannot be lowered. In its Mega Form, Sableye dons a giant red ruby, using it to block attacks. The gem is rather large and heavy, and can be used to defend against attacks. Using a move, it use it to absorb energy from an attack, but due to its connection to the gem, it still takes 50% damage. It also has reflective properties, reflecting light from light-based attacks.
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