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Round 14: A New Challenger Appears!

Recalling the fallen Cannon, thanking it for a job well done, Machamp picks out another Pokeball from her belt, throwing it into the arena. It opens before it hits the swampy bottom, a bright flash of light briefly blinding the ref as a spoopy ghost comes out of the Pokeball, looking like a magnificent witch. It's Malefica, the Mismagius, and I guess the best way to fight a spoopy Ghost is to respond with your own spoopy Ghost. The Mismagius and the Aegislash stare each other down, ready to fight for ultimate spoopy prowess.

Malefica starts off having a little bit of an advantage over her opponent, and electricity quickly builds up inside of her body as she aims her largest gem to hit her opponent right on. Suddenly, a large beam of energy shoots out of her gem, the attack catching Starman a little bit by surprise as the attack hits him, making him groan a little bit in pain as the attack deals a small strike. However, it doesn't seem like its benefited Malefica in any way, so that makes the attack a little bit inefficient for its job. Just after that, however, a ball made of shadows forms in front of him, the ball quickly growing in size before condensing to allow him to stack more energy in there, although it makes the ball more unstable as a result. Malefica looks concerned as Starman throws the ball of energy at her and tries to make a run for it, but the attack hits her head on, coming right after her own attack, and the ball explodes as it makes contact, causing Malefica to cringe a little bit in pain. Nothing bad seems to have happened from that though, so Malefica is still in the game.

Taking in a deep breath, Malefica expands her lungs, causing them to expand as she looks to increase the size of know I'm not going to pretend I know anything about the anatomy of Ghosts in that much detail. Which is pretty ironic for a Ghost GL, but its not like there are Mismagius bodies to perform autopsies on or anything. She lets out a loud scream, which would cause most Pokemon to want to cover their ears in shock, but for Aegislash that's not really...something it can do. However, the rings of energy are pretty concerning for it, and it rushes forwards, its blade covered in Steel energy as it breaks through several of the rings, the steel covering lowering the damage output of the attack a little bit as Starman hits Malefica head-on, causing the Mismagius to hiss and float away as the round comes to a close.

Mismagius has fallen a little bit away from perfect, still raring to go in both aspects. Starman has fallen into the final third in terms of energy and is close to the final third healthwise.

Fuck these crabs
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