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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Clap for your brand New year.

It's a New Year..Yes it is *Clap*

And with a New Year comes New goals and New you, but how about new goodies?

A 2016 New Year Goodie bag is all yours for FREE, no purchase necessary.

- x1 2016 New Year Ball
- x1 Unicorn horn for your Pokemon to put around their heads, effectively giving them the move Horn Attack until taken off.
- x2 Rare Candies
- x1 Red Cyber Ball
- x1 Pikachu EX Promo Card
- x1 Ditto Promo Card

*Clap* New Year Rocks...*clap* New Year Rocks
Picking up the following items:

x1 New Years 2016 Ball
x2 rare candies
x1 Unicorn Horn (hold item that bestows Horn Attack)
x1 Red Cyber Ball
x1 Pikachu EX card
x1 Ditto card
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