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Self preservation

Of course, what do I care if this base goes under. Ethan began to think as he was called out for his reckless strategy. I'm facing a giant gorilla Pokémon on a rampage, that can very easily snap us in two, the last thing on my mind is keeping the base from going under when I got a grade A threat staring me in the face. I never asked for any of this, this is not my responsibility... he thought for a moment as he struggled to stand a bit over the overwhelming presence of the Slaking, when he realized, But neither did they...damn it all! I sure messed up this time...of course they didn't ask for this! And while I never meant for my Gastly to start a fight when I asked him to go on ahead of me...I should at least follow my own advice and work with these people, instead of against...

There had been a reason why Ethan recalled his Gastly back inside it's Pokéball. Not because of the type disadvantage or because of the damage the Ghost/Poison Type had taken earlier, but because James, thought too much like his trainer. They were both cut throat and thought mostly of themselves, but Aiden, his chimp, was different. Aiden, had a boyish like innocence to him, something that didn't exactly clash with Ethan's personality but rather made him a better person overall.

"I'm sorry," the words sounding difficult to say and even tasting bitter as Ethan said them, "I should follow my own advice, it won't happen again."

Unknown to everyone, amongst the commotion, in the midst of battle his Chimchar's body had changed...a white light soon revealed a taller and more hyper active chimp in . His tail was even longer, with the fire on the tip of it, brighter than before. Aiden even looked like he was wearing a luchadors mask!

"Monferno!" The new Fire/Fighting Type cried out, having some new found energy to play with, as it began rapidly punching, striking nothing but air..."Aiden? Is that you?" Ethan looked bewildered as his chimp's new transformation. "Look at you!" Ethan said with a warm smile, "You look fantastic!"

"Monferno!" His monkey said smiling back, his eyes burning with a passion to finish what they had started. There he stood with two other Fighting Types, just like him, giving it his all. There was no situation more perfect than this one in which his beloved Pokémon could choose to evolve in.

"Aiden, combine your strength and use Mach Punch (for real this time...). Wear down the Slaking's defenses with a Rock Smash, then join Keith's Scraggy and give that Slaking a taste of your Double Kick!"
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