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Also last thing but let's talk Dodrio.

Dodrio (Normal/Flying): The heads of a Dodrio share a hive mind of sorts. One head cannot be surprised or snuck up on unless the others are. When Resting, one head remains awake, which means that a Dodrio cannot be dealt a critical hit while using Rest (sleep induced by other means, such as through an attack, will put all 3 heads to sleep and make Dodrio vulnerable to a critical hit). Either of their heads heads can be used to attack at any time, both physically and specially, and their Tri Attack is more powerful than normal. They also receive a 1.2x boost to attacks made using their beaks. Dodrio and Doduo cannot fly, but they have exceptional jumping ability and are fast runners, enabling them to use attacks like Fly by leaping in order to evade attacks and striking their foes moments later.

As we all know, the animétells us that Dodrio cannot fly.

I propose that since we give Buizel helicopter flight for no real reason and Dodrio is without a doubt one of the worst fully evolved lines in the game, we give them flight.

PS If you had a good reason for not posting this you should have told us about it. Feel free to edit and sticky at your leisure but this is ridiculous and you know it
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