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Eevee Species Characteristics Review

If there is a problem that you've found with a species characteristic, whether for an individual Pokémon or an entire Type, or if you want to suggest new ability for a species to have, this is the place to submit your proposals. Please DO NOT post suggestions to do with attack descriptions, items or signatures here.

In the past, we operated primarily under an open debate, but to keep the discussion more focused, we will be shifting to a proposal system as in the Move thread.

If you wish to submit something for review, please post the following:
  • The current full text of the SC, highlighting any problem areas
  • Any problems or issues (in bullet points or short paragraphs)
  • The proposed changes (please do not rewrite the SCs yourself)

Once a proposal is posted, there will be a 24 hour period for someone to volunteer to write a counterproposal. Please do not pick apart the posted proposal's points - simply state your reasoning for a different change or for no change at all. We prefer that there be only one counterproposal but if a number of different ideas emerge, we will accept multiple. Once someone posts to volunteer, they will have 3 days to get their proposals in. Once all proposals are submitted or no counter proposals are made after 24 hours, we will have a 2 day discussion period of potential revisions to these proposals. Again, please do not pick them apart, but suggest alterations to further fix potential issues.

After this period, the LOs will review the proposals and respond (in as timely a manner as possible) with either a rewrite incorporating one or more proposal or a post stating why no change was made. After a change is made, there will be a cooldown period of one month in which the SC may not be resubmitted for review, barring an emergency rewrite initiated by an LO.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in banning from the thread and repeat offences will result in infractions.


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