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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Alright, trading 1 Rare Candy and 10 to Rayzen for 1 Cranberry Vodka. Upon completion of the trade, feeding it to this guy.

: *gulps down Cranberry Vodka* Scol! *belches fiery bubbles* *Transforms into * Ahh, that hit the spot!

Tha- wha- Jack?!

: Oh, lighten up. You were talking about teaching me moves other than Transform anyway. Give me a little surprise factor in battle, all that jazz, right?

Yeah, that's true. Still, at least maybe ask me next time? Salazar's been wanting a move like this for some time, after all.

: You got it, man. *Transforms into * Ditto dit! *launches Firestream into the air*

*Trade Commenced*

Feeding the Cranberry Vodka to my Scoli- er, I guess my Ditto.

*Salazar Jack learned Firestream!*
Trading this cranberry vodka to Keith the Missingno. Master for 1 rare candy and $10.

*Trade closed*
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