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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
is Meeewww.

Merry Christmas one and all, tis Arneclaus once again with some Christmas cheer and Christmas beer *Chugs*

We have give-aways, we have gifts and we have more gifts.

From me, we have a bunch of new TCG Cards ready and waiting for you, to get this started out i'm giving you all a TCG pass which you can redeem at the TCG Corner for either one of these

Choose Chespin—Show Your Strength!
Start your adventure in the Kalos region with the Grass-type Pokémon Chespin and this 60-card ready-to-play deck! With spikes, toughness, and resilient Grass-type moves, this new deck is perfect for the small but fierce competitor who never gives up! With quiet strength, it grows and grows to outperform and outlast the competition! Plant the seeds of your future victory—start with the Chespin deck!

Choose Fennekin—Burn Up the Opposition!
Start your adventure in the Kalos region with the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin and this 60-card ready-to-play deck! This new deck unlocks a world of exciting Pokémon battles and gives you the head start you need to battle and win in the Pokémon Trading Card Game! As a Fire-type deck, the Fennekin deck is full of powerful moves—grab it and blaze your path to victory!

Choose Froakie—One Easy Hop to Victory!
Start your adventure in the Kalos region with the Water-type Pokémon Froakie and this 60-card ready-to-play deck! This new deck leaps over the competition with Froakie’s unexpected powers, including all the shifting speed and thrilling moves that Water-type Pokémon are famous for! Move like a roaring river and carve your channel to victory— grab the Froakie deck and get ready to play!

The TCG pass will also allow you to choose any TWO currently avalible booster packs.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
"Welcome to my Christmas song. I'd like to thank you for the year. So I'm sending you this Christmas card. To say it's nice to have you here."

It soon comes around before you know it. Its Chriiiiisttmmasss!!!
Now I know there are a lot of good boys and girls out there and here at Fizzy Bubbles we have been checking our lists not once, but twice.
We have gifts for everyone to enjoy at this special time of year so go ahead and open them!

You may collect from me the following:

1x Super Pass (Expires 28/12/15).
1x Christmas Candy (Raises Ice Type Pokémon 2 Levels, all other Pokémon 1 Level. Is the equivalent of 1 Candy if banked).
1x Christmas Pokeball (Has Magical Properties associated with some Pokémon).
1x Mince Pie (Gives 2 Levels to the Pokémon who eats it, expires 01/01/16)
1x Christmas Dragonair Plushie (When squeezed gifts the owner with 1x Dragon Gem and 3x Royal Gummi's. Returns to a regular plushie afterwards).
1x Egg Nog Bonbon (Teaches Round when eaten (with a Pokémon compatible with the move. Please link to pokedex when teaching. Expires 01/01/16).

And I shall conclude with my favourite Christmas Song:

"Snow is falling, all around me,
People splaying, having fun,
'Tis the season, of love and understanding,
Merry Christmas Everyone"
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

In keeping with the festive mood I hope you enjoy these special gifts from me this holiday season.

This Cranberry will raise your Pokémon's level by 2.
This Cranberry Juice will help your Pokémon to learn an Egg or MT move not yet learned.
This Cranberry Memory Berry will help your Pokémon learn four egg or relearned moves.
This Cranberry Pokéblock will raise two of your Pokémon's contest stats by 20 each.

And last but far from least (be sure to use wisely):-
A hearty Cranberry Vodka teaching Firestream (Fire)
This Cranberry Vodka makes the users throat burn so badly that they hiccup, expelling a fiery stream of molten hot bubbles.
Oddly enough, the effect is so impressive that the Pokémon remembers how to perform the move without having to drink the vodka again.
For approximately five seconds, the user forcefully spits out a stream of fiery, molten hot bubbles dealing very good damage at a constant rate.
A slightly less powerful version of Flamethrower, yet the odds of being burned when the bubbles "pop" painfully on the opponent's skin
is increased by approximately 20% due to the intensity of the heat trapped inside each bubble.
Contest Category: Beauty
Contest Effect: Appeals last in the next turn.
Appeal points
Jam Points

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day!

The Vokda can be stored until ready to use but all other items expire
on 28th December 2015 so please be sure to use them on or before that date.
Picking up all of the quoted items. Will edit post once I get to a computer. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

EDIT: Alright, so this edit comes to us three months later ... Thanks, Tess! Let's formally list what goodies we walked away with this Christmas. (Not going to list the items which already expired, although I've opted to leave the original quotations above intact.)

x1 Super Pass
x1 Christmas PokéBall
x1 Christmas Dragonair Plushie
x1 Cranberry Vodka

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