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Primape D. Luffy: Male Primape (Level 3)
He has the will of D, whatever that means. He wants to be Saru no Ou.
Special Attack: 4th Gear (Various Elements)
Primape D. Luffy has mastered all the punches. He traveled the world learning new punching techniques. Because of this, he is now able to do punches of different elements to ones normally taught. He can do an elemental punch of choosing from Flying, Ghost, Grass, and Ground. The attack is as strong as a normal element punch, and uses the same energy. He can use this attack 3 times per battle, and due to unfamiliarity with these elements, he can only use the same element punch 2 times (So he can use the same punch 2 times, and another for the third).

SOGEKING: Male Octillery (Level 3)
As a child, pirates raped and pillaged his village. He tried his best to fight them, but failed, causing everyone in his town to die horribly. Except for him. He decided to rebuild the town into Sniper Island. He learned the ability the pirates used to make themselves more powerful, Nasty Plot, and used it to defend the town. People came and the town flourished, hailing Sogeking as the king of Sniper Island. And then I showed up and caught him. There were no survivors.
Special Attack: Dark Boost (Dark)
Sogeking can now use Nasty Plot, for 1.5x the energy of normal, and only once per battle.

Franky: Male Corphish (Level 2)
Special Attack: Slick Willy (Water)
He spits up a watery blob of sputum. This viscus also contains an oily residue. This attack deals minor damage, however it is very slippery. In addition, the oily mixture lowers the freezing point of the water to make it more easily suceptible to freezing. In addition, this attack can also be used to make the floor slippery, upto to 5 square feet. Pokemon on this slick will have to tread carefully, fast movements will almost always cause a slip..

Brooke: Male Frillish (Level 3)
no sig

Zoro - Male Piplup (Level 1)
no sig

Sanji - Male Torchic (Level 1)
no sig

(and other 80's Cartoons)

DW: Male Ludicolo (Level 4) *
He envied other grass types, and their fance spores and powders. DW decided to learn the basic arts of being a grass type and learned two need attacks.
Special Attack: Grass like Me (Grass)
DW is now capable of using both Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. However they use 1.5x more energy then normal.

NegaDuck: Male Haunter (Level 3)
NegaDuck is the evilest thing to come to St. Canard.
Special Attack: Eye of Quackzecoatl (Ghost)
NegaDuck concentrates on the last attack, or attack currently used by the opponent. It works like Mimic, in that NegaDuck will obtain the ability to use this attack, while the opponent will forget how to use it. Ability to forget is dependant on rules like Amnesia, where a Thunderbolt might not be forgotten from a Pikachu while its Surf would be. If the attack fails in making the enemy forget it, NegaDuck still learns the attack. If not, the opponent will be unable to use that attack for the rest of the battle, and NegaDuck gets it as well. Energy use is equal to that of 1.5x Flamethrower in ghost energy. Usable once per battle, and leaves him unable to use Mimic, Destiny Bond, Sucker Punch, Perish Song, and Dark Pulse.

MegaVolt: Female Ampharos (Level 3)
She spent some hard time in training, and used the electrical techniques to battle.
Special Training: Old Sparky (Electric)
She is capable of adding an extra electric surge through all her damaging attacks. This gives a 15% chance to paralyze for any attack that cannot paralyze, and an additional 15% to any that already can. In addition, the ability improves the effect of Thunderwave. This comes with a cost, as every attack will now use an extra amount of Thundershock energy to give the paralyze chance. This attack can be turned off, and will require an attack to do so. Once turned off, it cannot be turned on again for that battle, and it starts automtically on.

Don Karnage: Male Aerodactyl (Level 2)
He likes eating rocks, and the result is a sandy aftertaste. Yohoho.
Special Attack: Sandbreath (Ground)
He breaths in, and fires out a stream of sandy breath. This attack deals moderate earth damage. When fired, it is slightly wet as it is being spit out of his mouth, at a sandblastery speed, and when comes in contact with a Pokemon it not only deals damage, but sticks to the Pokemon much like a experience at the beach. The sand will not just irritate the Pokemon, but will dry up instantly like cement, impeding movement depending on where it hit and the intensity of the blast. At point blank, a full body blast of sand will reduce speed and movement 20%. However much like regular sand, it can be brushed off, requiring an action to do so, and will also come off after being hit with a few attacks. Getting into a body of water will also wash it off instantly. Energy usage is equal to 1.5x a dragonbreath, and it is usable 3 times per battle.

Slimer: Male Grimer (Level 2)
Special Attack: Sludge Shell (Poison)
Grimer has the ability to create solid Sludge Bombs. When using the attack, he solidifies the exterior of his body. He fills the body with a Sludge Bomb. Upon contact with the shell, it will explode. The copy Grimer cannot move or do anything, as it is just solid poison in the shape of Grimer. After filling the shell with a Sludge Bomb, he slips out the back, and Pokemon not paying attention to this might be decieved into thinking that the copy is the real one. Can only be used 2 times per battle and it takes 1.5x the energy of Sludge Bomb. The damage is equal to Sludge Bomb with a 10% higher chance to poison.


Lina: Female Kadabra (Level 3)
After using many Tri-Attacks, she has developed a version that is better, faster and stronger then ever before.
Special Attack: Tri Attack v2 (aka Giga Slave) (Ghost, Psychic, Dark)
Much like a regular tri attack, she fires a beam of energy, coated with some Ghost, Psychic and Dark energy instead of the normal energy. This gives the beam a 20% total chance of causing either mind confusion, drowziness, or temporary blindness. This attack uses 1.5x the energy of Tri-Attack and usuable 3 times per battle.

Bigby: Female Houndoom (Level 3)
She has always wanted to be a singer. However she has only learned one attack in her attempt to do so, the rest just cause odd effects to her listeners.
Special Training: Singing Lessons (Normal)
Due to reasons mentioned in her sig, she can now use Sing, Supersonic and Screech. She can only use any of the 3 attacks, 3 times per battle, each taking up 1.5x the energy of normal.

Charlotte: Female Ariados (Level 3)
Special Attack: Venom Bite (Poison)
She bites the opponent, dealing light Poison damage, injecting a venomous toxin into the Pokemons body. It acts like a instant acting Toxic, as it is injected directly into the bloodstream. In addition, it gradually slows the Pokemon down as the circulates throught the body. It reaches it's full effect in 5 turns, and slows the Pokemon down to a maximum of 15% speed. This is usable 2 times per battle, and energy equal to 2 Toxic and Bite. It will not work on opponents with skins that an Ariados could not realistically bite through.

Jaws: Male Onix (Level 2)
After watching Jaws one too many times, he wanted to Kintner boy spill out all over the dock on the Fourth of July, with his cold, lifeless eyes; like a dolls eyes. Sometime he go away, sometime he doesn't go away. He'll never battle Pokemon again. Pokemon go into the box, box underground, Steelix is underground, our Steelix. Farewell and Adieu to you, fair Spanish Lady.
Special Training: Ground Diving (Ground)
Jaws is capable of diving in the ground and swimming in it, like a water Pokemon swimming in water. He moves around by drilling through the ground and serpentining. He can move fairly fast in softer surfaces, however harder ground will make him move slower, and some surfaces will not be "swimable". Energy usage will be the same as normal swimming in softer surfaces, and a bit more in the rougher terrain. He can swim for a maximum of 5 rounds. DAAAAA-NUH.


Aquarius: Male Dragonair(Level 3)
Aquarius is the illigitimate son of a Lapras named Aquaman and Kuno's Dragonite Neptune. And Neptune is a real slut, with a taste for large Pokemon. But he never really knew his father, and wanted to know more about him. He was embarassed about his element and wanted to get away from regular Pokemon. So he trained in the water, making it eventually his pride and joy. After many years, he emerged with the same traits that his father once had, although he has yet to meet him...
Special Training: Type Change (Water)
Aquarius has the extra type Water added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section. Being in tune with his watery side, he now has the additional type of Water and all weaknesses and resistances associated with it. However due to the overwhelming water energy, he takes 1.5x damage from grass and electric attacks isntead of being neutral to the elements. He is unable to fly very high, and cannot stay in the air for more then 2 rounds. He also lost the ability to use Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Fire Blast, Dragon Rage and Sunny Day.

N/A Starmie (Level 3)
Even though Starmie are genderless, it feels feminine and wants to be a pretty princess. This desire has lead her to somehow change the color of her gem, and boost its ability in battle.
Special Training: Diamond Gem (Normal)
Starmie's gem in the center is now completely transparent like a diamond, and any physical attacks directed towards it will do 10% less damage.

Male Slowbro (Level 3)
After watching much DBZ he decided to train in the hyperbolic chamber, perfecting his technique. It took many episodes for him to come out and actually be used, giving him much time to learn his specialty.
Special Training: Zero Gravity (Psychic)
Due to reasons mentioned in his sig, he has learned the attack Gravity. In addition, he can use Trick Room with less 10% less energy consumption.

Male Lampent (Level 3)
Special Attack: Schadenfreude (Fire/Ghost)
Lilwik uses a special form of will-o-wisp combined with some of its wax. This attack deals decent fire and ghost damage. However upon contact with the hot wax, it will burn the area hit and cover it with wax. The wax will cool instantly and solidify, which will relieve the pain of the burn. However the effected area will be harder to move due to being covered. In exchange, the wax will offer increased protection and reduce all damage from attacks by 25%, and will vanish after a few attacks or a really strong attack. The Pokemon covered in it can choose to break the wax as an attack to destroy it instantly. However as the wax was helping the burnt area, the burn will start to be felt and take effect. Usable twice per battle but only once per Pokemon.

Female Cottonee (Level 3)
no sig

Male Joltik (Level 3)
no sig
Spoiler: show
Pokemon I Begrudgingly Gave Up
Dayman: Female Lanturn (Level 3)
Fighter of the nightman. Champion of the sun. She's a master of karate, and friendship, for everyone.
Special Training: Piercing Thunder (Electric)
Laturn has learned how to use her electric attacks on those that take normal or are resistant to the type. Boosting her species characteristic, when she uses an electric attack underwater and within 10 feet of her foe, Pokemon that are neutral or resistant to electricty will take an extra 20% damage from the attack. However Pokemon that are weak to electricity will only take the normal thundershock worth of extra damage when within 10 feet and underwater.

Millie: Female Milotic (Level 3)
Special Attack: Blue Flames (water/fire)
Milotic spews out a clear chemical that reacts with water. As soon as it comes in contact with it, it will ignite the surface with a hot blue flame. This chemical is sprayed out as a coneal breath shaped pattern in a wide radius. This chemical has a low density so it stays on the surface, and the flames rise to one foot and deals constant damage over time and vanishes after 2 rounds. It cannot be extinguished by water or ice. It can also be combined with other attacks. Usable only twice per battle. It uses energy of a 2x dragonbreath but does 3/4ths the damage of dragonbreath for every turn in contact, but with a 30% increase in chance to burn. Usable twice per battle.

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