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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
On the eleventh day of Fizzmas an Angel gave to thee
A nifty little Berry Pack containing some plump, juicy berries.

x1 Aspear Berry.
x1 Galon Berry.
x1 Pamtre Berry.
x1 Yache Berry.

Enjoy ^-^
The eleventh day's upon us with Christmas coming fast,
The giveaway we get today shall be the next to last.
Today is not one item, or even two, but more,
We're getting a number of berries that roughly equal four.
An Aspear Berry, a Ganlon Berry, and Pamtre, which is nice,
And a Yache Berry which helps protect those that are weak to Ice.

*Obtained the Aspear Berry!*

*Obtained the Ganlon Berry!*

*Obtained the Pamtre Berry!*

*Obtained the Yache Berry!*
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