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While Amelie is busy constructing herself a pinkish cube of energy for protection (always use it, kids!) Sedge pushes through his confusion to start glowing with a soothing, greenish aura that clears his mental troubles. While it also clears his poison, it doesn't really matter since the toxins in the air just poison him again straight away. However, Amelie's new shield does her little good when a column of ground energy erupts from beneath her, causing the Nidorina to squeal in obvious pain. Angered, she retaliates with a powerful, icy bolt of energy. Sedge cringes from the blow, but stands strong, knowing his advantage is great.

Sedge's confusion is cleared, and both sides are in the first third rather comfortably, though Amelie is trailing a bit. Sedge is great for two, Amelie might like a break soon. Ice and Psychic for Amelie are both at half.

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