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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
On the seventh day of Christmas an Angel gave to thee

A Cranberry Bonbon for tasty move teaching

(When eaten by a Pokemon it teaches the move Ice Beam).
(It must be used in this thread and be taught to a Pokemon that can learn Ice Beam either by Level up, MT, Egg or TM. This item is non-tradeable.)
(Please link to the Pokemon's Pokedex page)
The seventh day's gift was a seasonal treat,
A Cranberry Bonbon for a Pokémon to eat.
Merely a small snack, or so it would seem-
In fact, eating this would impart Ice Beam!
Keith's initial excitement faded as he got education,
On the item itself and its many a stipulation.
It couldn't be saved, it must be used now,
And if he wanted to trade it, he couldn't see how.
But the last of the rules was what stung the most,
Natural compatibility with Ice Beam you had to boast.
The exception for non-TMs didn't apply here,
It couldn't just be used on anything, you hear?
So his Dragalge was out, and his Ditto as well,
And his Stunfisk, his Heatmor, his Trubbish, this was hell!
And the bulk of his Pokémon that could learn the move,
Already knew an Ice move with which to groove.
In the end, t'was his Nidoking to whom it was worth his while,
For his other Ice move was not a projectile.

*Obtained the Cranberry Bonbon!*

Feeding the Cranberry Bonbon to my Nidoking.

*Godric learned Ice Beam!*
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