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Ground floor: Foyer: To Keith's mild surprise, the Drowzee began to input a code of some sort with the keypad near the elevator. Vog explained that this was simply a small security measure, as Alex had managed to make himself a number of enemies. Keith nodded in understanding- nobody would be more understanding about security measures than the Trainer of Ginny the Pawniard, he figured, arguably a security measure in and of herself.

Vog went on to marvel at the incredible technology of this day and age- the elevator system the base used was designed by Silph, and made use of their infamous warp tile technology to allow multiple elevators to be active simultaneously. Keith was rather impressed by this- the elevator in his own Secret Base wasn't nearly as advanced as this one. It ran smoothly, though, which he supposed was better than nothing. And then, Vog's mention of a Honchkrow colleague which the Drowzee seemed to suspect of being allied with unsavory people got Keith thinking- sometimes he couldn't help but think similar thoughts about his Numel.

Once Keith had shaken these various thoughts out of his head, the elevator doors had closed, and the elevator itself started to rise.

Floor 4: Battleground: Once the elevator doors slid open, Keith found himself beholding a somewhat large room. An Infernape and Honchkrow seemed to be powering a blender with their Electric attacks, a Gothorita was bandaging up a Swampert's arm, and an excited Horsea was swimming in a fountain. A number of other Pokémon were in the room as well, as well as Alex, whom Keith had last seen at the Cable Club, when each had been helping to evolve the other's Pokémon. In fact, one of the other Pokémon Keith could see in the room was Tantalia, the Conkeldurr he briefly owned and helped to evolve from Gurdurr, sitting on a lounger next to a Shadow Zangoose.

"Hey, Alex," Keith greeted the other Trainer. "Didn't mean to drop by unannounced- this here is Kyle, my Heatmor," he added, introducing the Fire-type beside him.

"Heat Heatmor," Kyle added, waving at Alex.

"Anyway, wanted to show Kyle the Sundered Blade, tell him the legend behind it, right?" Keith continued. "And when we get here, me and Meowth notice the doors and windows, so, yeah, our curiosity took it from there," he finished.

"Yeah, once we realized dis ting had been turned into a Secret Base, we had ta find out whose Base it was," said Meowth. "Keith's renovated our Base a few times ova da years, but it ain't nowhere near as big as dis place."

"Nor will it be anytime in the near future," Keith nodded. "I'm doing pretty well on coins, but not that good!"

"Ya might be if ya didn't buy-" began Meowth, but Keith cut him off.

"Meowth, for what I hope to be the final time, I do not, have never, and will never regret buying Jack," Keith stated firmly.

"Alright, alright, I get da picture," sighed Meowth, rolling his eyes.

Keith sighed, then turned back to Alex. "So, uh, your Drowzee was mentioning something about training going on up here, said we were welcome to join in on it?" he asked.

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