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Floor 4: Battleground.

Lumbering out each door Mjolnir and Tantalia made for the loungers, the Conkeldurr giving a deep sigh as her eyes landed on the Zangoose currently hogging as much of the seat as possible, while Nothung merely shrugged, before a ding of the elevator alerted the group to the occupants, and the sight of Alex and Glasspine helped to calm everyone's nerves, as the trainer placed the Sandshrew on the ground, the pokemon scampering to the other three smaller ones.

"Listen up guys, I've got some news for you," he began, before looking at Totsuka. "First, shift your arse off the seat Totsuka and let Tantalia get some rest."

At this, the shadow pokemon went from lying on her back to rolling to her belly, still on the seat, her rear protruding in the air. A quick grab later, and the fighting type was comfortably reclining, Zangoose grumbling slightly before returning to her relaxed position, this time on top of the Conkeldurr's lap as she resigned herself and slowly pet the furball.

"...well, at least you half listen at the best of times...anyway, word has it we're expecting...friendly guests."

At the sound of guests, the Infernape tensed slightly before relaxing once more at the news said guests weren't clad in black, before Alex made a few gestures.

"Since they're our first guests, and from what I hear seem like the sporting sort, we need to clear the decks a bit, get some snacks or something going. If Mist and Halley ever hurry up with that shopping trip, we'll be on a roll, but since they're not here, we'll make do with what we have. Tant, Mjolnir, you two can recuperate. Isaac, Harpe and Gol, you three and Glass are to head up and grab some stuff from the fridge. Nothung, you'll need some backup with those smoothies, so I'll call Frag down to give a helping claw. I'm fairly sure Lapis should be done bookkeeping shortly, and I'm assuming Herex and Vog are escorting the folks up."

At this, the room went into a quickened frenzy, the smaller pokemon heading for the elevator while Alex opened up an XTransceiver, having made an investment in the device on the advice of others, and called for the Honchkrow.

Floor 5: Arcade.

'Haw haw! I felt that one! Good show!'

At the pool, Caladbolg was chuckling as he shook off the dragon rage launched by Napier, the Horsea beaming at the work he was improving on. 'Someday you'll be a great dragon like me, you've certainly got the oomph about you now!'

The ding of the elevator behind them made the pair turn to see the four smaller pokemon chattering excitedly amidst themselves, heading for the kitchen as they began to raid the fridge for snacks.

'Hey...' the Garchomp began, 'did you get permission to have a feast? Did I get permission to have a feast?'

'We have guests! That hat guy! And his team!'

'Oh? I think I might know who that is...even though I never met him. Didn't he break a big angry oven?'

'No, silly! He defeated a terrible creature who was being really, really mean to everyone on an island!'

'Aw, shucks! You know I'm not being intentionally dumb! I just enjoy it! Anyways, how about we head down, the six of us?'

''Only if someone carries me. I'm not the most mobile on land...' the water type burbled, annoyed at his lack of legs, to which the Golett obliged, hoisting the Horsea onto his shoulder.


As a group, the six began to make their way to the elevator, Cal pushing a small trolley laden with foodsorts and wondering if he should arrange the sausage rolls so some of them were in his mouth.

Ground floor: The Foyer.

As Keith and entourage reached the elevator, Vog poked at the button display, entering a small code that led to a small chime as the elevator opened up.

'A small security measure, no need for alarm. While it is of no concern, our master has made some enemies in his time, and this merely serves as a delay if ever this place would come under assault. It is no small wonder the technology these days, as this elevator system was designed by Silph Corporation, utilising their warp tile technology to allow several individual elevators to be active at once. Sometimes I wonder if one's colleague Honchkrow has ties with unsavoury types...but I digress. Allow me to bring you to the battleground. Shall you be joining us, Herex?'

'Nope, sorry,' the Drapion shrugged. 'Someone needs to keep an eye on the door until those two get back.'

With a nod, and elevator occupied, the doors began to close as the scorpion nodded, the Heatmor's modest statement making her smile in respect as the doors closed and the elevator whirred to life.

"...and that's us up to date with everything. That only took, what, four hours?"

A small gust of wind escaped the Dusclops as she closed the notebook, stretching her limbs as she rose from the desk, too far engrossed in the paperwork to even realise Keith and friends had been and gone.

"...did I miss something, perhaps?" she mused to the poison type who could only shrug in response. "Nothing too major I presume. Well, I can do with a bit of air, so I'm just popping outside. I'll return in ten minutes or so or whenever Halley and Mist return, whichever comes first," she concluded before lumbering outside, eager to stretch her limbs after such a long time sitting down.

Floor 4: Battleground.

The main room was a frenzy of activity. Having been called down, Fragarath was with Nothung, keeping the Infernape's electrical energy topped up with careful use of thunder wave, while the arrival of Cal and Napier along with the small pokemon (a loud groan could be heard from the Cat Ferret on the appearance of the Mach pokemon) helped make what would have been two trips only one. Napier had been placed into a fountain, the Horsea chippy about his improvements in dragon attacks and excited on someday being able to hunt, while Paine remained beside Mjolnir, the Gothorita bandaging up his arm after the training, said bandage being treated with Oran extract to help relieve the pain, while Alex stood, somewhat nervous on the arrival of Keith, still fairly certain he'd found his boat was missing and returned at an awkward angle.

Which made the chime of the elevator with said guest in it ring out like Giratina's Bells. Swallowing his nerves, he took a tentative step back as the doors opened...
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