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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
I don't know what happened to yesterday's post so I'll giveaway both items today. You'll have 24 hours to collect them both:

On the second day of Fizzmas an Angel (dressed as Tess) gave to thee ...

A Christmas Candy to raise up your pogies

The Christmas Candy raises Ice Type Pokémon 2 Levels and any other type of Pokémon 1 Level. It is the equivalent of 1 Rare Candy when banked.

On the third day of Fizzmas an Angel gave to thee ...

A Bergmite Doll to make your base look pretty.

Enjoy ^-^
Collecting one Christmas Candy and one Bergmite Doll. Thanks.

Feeding the Christmas Candy to my Level 1 Swinub, raising her level to Level 3. Thanks!
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