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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
I don't know what happened to yesterday's post so I'll giveaway both items today. You'll have 24 hours to collect them both:

On the second day of Fizzmas an Angel (dressed as Tess) gave to thee ...

A Christmas Candy to raise up your pogies

The Christmas Candy raises Ice Type Pokémon 2 Levels and any other type of Pokémon 1 Level. It is the equivalent of 1 Rare Candy when banked.
The next one, a day late, still better than never,
Alas, its best use was one Keith could use never.
Just like a Rare Candy, save for one small detail-
It imparts two levels to Ice-types without fail!
But alas, Keith lacked a good track record with Ice,
Even though it's a type he considered quite nice.
The Swinub was cute, but its nose worked too well,
To keep it around would subject it to hell.
The Snorunt looked cool, and Glalie don't suck,
But it reminded of a certain Snorunt who brought bad luck.
And then Jack the Snover, personified Christmas cheer,
Found his destiny lay elsewhere- put simply, not here.
So Keith had no use for this of which to speak,
His team as devoid of Ice as Mt. Chimney's peak.
But he took the candy, he'd stow it away,
To feed to something on some other day.

*Obtained the Christmas Candy!*

This one is gonna be deposited, considering the fact that I have no Ice-types who would benefit from the additional level.

Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
On the third day of Fizzmas an Angel gave to thee ...

A Bergmite Doll to make your base look pretty.

Enjoy ^-^
The previous gift brought up memories most sad,
Of a Christmassy Snover who was constantly glad.
But today's gift was not a nostalgia-inducing sight,
For Keith had never even heard of a Pokémon called Bergmite.
Still, the doll looked cool, so he collected it all the same,
Cause free stuff is free stuff, and it didn't look lame.

*Obtained the Bergmite Doll!*

Might put this thing to use in my Secret Base.
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