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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Helena walked into the Cable Club. Yes, walked- as she had done so many times before, the Shuppet had taken on the illusory appearance of a woman- exactly what she looked like when she was alive. She was always a little nervous about doing this- good though her illusory capabilities were getting, she still couldn't help but wonder whether anything about her illusion might give it away. But today, Helena wasn't quite as nervous as she ordinarily would've been. Not because of newfound confidence in her illusory capabilities, no, but rather, because she was too sad to be nervous.

Walking alongside Helena was an Audino. Joy had been under Helena's care for the Normal-type's entire life, so the Audino was a little nervous about suddenly going to a new Trainer. Moreover, she was sad, too- she was going to miss Helena a lot. But both of them were in agreement that this was for the best- Helena had tried to find out everything she could about this Liza girl she was about to trade Joy to, and it turns out she was an aspiring Pokémon Coordinator. Helena had never participated in a Contest herself, dead or alive, but she'd always liked the idea of them, even if she was better suited for battles. And Joy had expressed mild interest in the idea of Contests as well, so this just might work out. And following behind the two of them was Keith Masters- although Helena was more than capable of completing a trade by herself, as she'd proven twice in the past, Keith insisted on coming along with her this time, for emotional support. This would mark, after all, the first time Helena had ever traded away a Pokémon she truly cared about.

At last, Helena arrived at the trade machine where Liza was waiting. "Liza?" Helena greeted her. "Um... Take good care of my Audino, alright?" she asked. From where she was standing on the floor, Joy waved up at Liza, though looked up at Helena with some concern. She tugged on Helena's pant leg to get her attention. "Hmm?" Helena said, looking down at Joy.

"Audi Audino," Joy said reassuringly, despite the tears in her eye. "Audino Audino, audi Audino."

Helena gave a brave smile. She crouched down and hugged Joy. "I know... I know it'll be OK," she murmured. "You be good for Liza, OK, Joy?"

"Audino!" Joy nodded. With that, Helena held out the Poké Ball and withdrew Joy. And then, with what felt to her like a monumental effort, she placed the ball on the trade machine, unable to watch it get exchanged for a Rare Candy. Once the trade was done, Helena took the Rare Candy off the machine and wordlessly followed Keith outside. Once they had exited the Cable Club, and Helena was able to drop the illusion with no witnesses, the Shuppet broke down and started sobbing into Keith's shoulder.

OOC: Trading my level 5 female Audino with the following stats to sweetbbydoll for one Rare Candy;

Spoiler: show

Species: Audino ()
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Attacks: Surf, Pound, Growl, Helping Hand, Chocolate Bomb, Ice Beam, Dig, Heal Bell, Skill Swap, Last Resort, Misty Terrain, Play Nice, Hidden Power (Rock), Baby-Doll Eyes, Draining Kiss, Flamethrower.
Next attack learned: Refresh (lv. 9)
Evolution: >Egg House hatching>
Nature: Calm (not locked in, can be changed)
Ability: Healer (not locked in, can be changed)
Happiness Points: 10
Cute stat: 20
Beauty stat: 20
Tough stat: 20
Smart stat: 20
Cool stat: 20
IQ: 3
Obtained: Egg House
Birthday: September 17th
Although Keith is technically Joy's Trainer, the Audino is considered to belong to Helena, the Shuppet being responsible for Joy's training. Joy is gentle and kind, with a talent for healing, not unlike most other Audino. She is good friends with Rubeus, and of course gets along very well with Helena. The fact that Joy and Helena are both Pokémon, and thus able to understand each other perfectly, arguably makes them a better pair than most Trainers and their Pokémon.

*Trade Commenced*
Trading to Missingno. Master 1 Rare Candy for his Lv.5 Female Audino and the rest of it’s stats. Thank you!

Trade Closed

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Trading 1 Rare Candy to Sweetbbydoll for a Lv.1 Female Bagon

*Trade Started*
Trading to Ex-Admiral Insane my Lv.1 Female Bagon for 1 Rare Candy, thank you!

Trade Closed
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