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Levin's smile widened. He wasn't sure he could do it, despite the silent promise he'd made to his beloved Syre. After all, how many females would be fit to handle his personality? Furthermore, how many Trainers would agree to begin with? But the stars aligned and both Pest and Vesta were willing to welcome the Salamence in their midst - in Vesta's case, in her life.

- I really can't thank you enough. A family of his own was the only thing Syre craved anymore... I was worried I'd never be able to help him find it. You were a bit of amiracle, to be honest...

A brief flash of concern crossed Pest's expression, and Levin wasn't oblivious to it. After all, if one virtue could be attributed to the Saffron-native, among his many character flaws, was that he was observant. The blonde Trainer could sympathize with Pest's apprehension - after all, Syre had built a bit of a reputation...

- If it eases your mind at all, I think there's something that needs clarification: Syre never killed anyone for sport. It was an isolated occurrence, and if he hadn't done it... I wouldn't be here today. The Pokemon he killed was a Gardevoir from the Arcane Realm that threatened to do the same to me. Syre's reaction was instantaneous, and not something he takes pride in. He's no murderer, despite the stories you might have heard.

It was true. Proud, arrogant, loner, stubborn - Syre could be called all of those. But his heart was in the right place at all times, and it was important that Pest knew that before taking him in. She deserved that much.

Levin looked over to his dragon and his soon-to-be companion. Despite their initial reluctance, it was becoming more apparent by the minute that they were meant for one another. Vesta was a magnificent Pokemon in her own right, and it took an exceptional creature to tame and win over someone as reserved as Syre. The Charizard had managed just that.

- We should give them time and privacy... whether things will work out between them or not, there's only way to find out for sure. I might know just the place, and I think you do too.


Mazo watched on as one of his oldest acquaintances took his first steps towards a new life - a life away from Levin's family and into one of his own. Levin would lose a powerful companion, but it was for the best; Syre needed this, and there was no containing a dragon's desires. In any event, it was a noble purpose in life to have - a family, a wife and descendance to continue his legacy...

And what about me? What is my own purpose?...

Happy for the Salamence as he was, the Lucario felt conflicted about his own condition. Contrary to Syre, he couldn't fathom a life away from Levin, or goals different from the human's own. And he was content... what did that make of him? Was he merely an extension of Levin's will?

As if sensing his troubles, another Pokemon approached Mazo and rested a hand on his shoulder. Turning around, the Lucario was met with Haou's penetrating gaze, a wordless stare that said everything. The Medicham reminded him that indeed, Mazo had a purpose of his own, a goal only he could strive to reach in his peerless power - perfection. And between him and perfection now stood one of few obstacles.

You are right as always. You and I... we have unfinished matters to settle. The battle we never fought; indeed, now is the time. Thank you, Emperor.

Without a word, the Lucario and Medicham retreated into the depths of the forest, unbeknownst to Levin...
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