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At first, Pest was sure that she'd hit her head too hard - the collision of two Dragon Rushes summoned by two powerful Pokemon had been enough to blast her right into the tree behind her. That had to be the explanation for why Vesta was still standing and Syre wasn't. Yet, as she tentatively touched the the bump forming there on her head, the sight in front of her didn't waver; indeed, Levin's Lucario was approaching his teammate, ready to lay healing hands on him, while Vesta looked on with exhausted disbelief.

With wobbly legs, Pest stepped forward - slowly at first, but soon breaking into a half-falling sprint. She threw her arms around Vesta, marveling at her starter's impressive new stature. "You did amazing, Vesta! I've always wondered if you would choose to take this path ... not that I would ever pressure you into it, but you know. To see you grow up like this, after all these years ... I can't tell you how proud I am of you." Vesta, though taken aback for a second by the sudden outburst, returned the gesture of affection by carefully laying a clawed hand on her trainer's head. Both of them knew there would still be a lot to get used to.

After a minute, Pest pulled herself away to face Levin, who was smiling - smiling? - as he made his proposition. She listened with great interest, wondering at how such a magnificent dragon could have his heart laid low in such a short time. And then, his suggestion that Syre join them ... she nearly reeled back in surprise at the prospect of suddenly taking on a certainly dangerous Salamence. Yet as she collected her thoughts, she slowly came to the realization that it did make sense. Levin had mentioned Syre's violent tendencies, his willingness to go so far as to kill. But the fight with Vesta seemed to have softened him, even if it was just a little.

She looked over at Syre, who was groggily getting to his feet. Then she glanced up at Vesta, noticing how the Charizard's gaze had lifted to meet Syre's, apparently thinking along the same lines as her trainer. Her wings unfolded, hesitantly now that the heat of battle had passed, and she flapped just hard enough to propel herself forward. (They would have to work on getting Vesta used to her new form, Pest thought absently. She filed that idea away for later.) Vesta pulled to a stop in front of him, narrowly avoiding an unwanted collision; she took a second to regain her bearings before making her next move. Before her trainer's wondering eyes, Vesta extended a wing forward, cautious yet hopeful, and patted Syre's head. It was a clumsy, uncoordinated movement, and she cast her wing an annoyed glance before shaking her head and looking back to Syre. She seemed interested in him, Pest thought. Concerned with the path of his future, and interested in seeing where he might go next, Vesta was probably sure that she could soften his heart further. But it occurred to Pest - not that she'd ever say it out loud - that this might be good for Vesta, too. It'd be a chance to ease her serious nature, and to balance out her quiet pride.

They would fit well together, Pest decided. It would be an adventure reeling the Salamance in, but she was used to adventures by now, wasn't she?

With a smile, she grasped Levin's outstretched hand. "I would love to give Syre a new chance," she told him. "I might not know what exactly has gone down in his past, but I'll be happy to be part of his future. Vesta even more so, I think." She glanced knowingly at the dragons' exchange. "This is ... this is a big responsibility, and I'm honored to be trusted with it - with him. Thank you." She took a deep breath. "I won't let you down."
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