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The Seviper Who Saved Christmas III

It was the evening before Christmas. As the sun was setting, a gentle snow was falling, giving many areas of the region an almost magical appearance. A few Trainers were out in this weather, but mostly because they'd yet to get to a Pokémon Center or somewhere else to spend the night.

Keith Masters was not one such Trainer- he was already in his Secret Base, seated in his living room. It looked more or less the same as it usually did, except for the large Christmas tree in one corner, and the plush Plusle and Minun elves perched above the fireplace. Several of his Pokémon were also in the room, gathered with Keith to watch some Christmas movies.

"OK, so, anyone up for a little training after this is over?" Keith asked as How the Grinch Stole Christmas went to a commercial break. "Nothing big, maybe just a little practice battle upstairs."

"Ehhh, I don't tink so," Meowth replied lazily. The Scratch Cat Pokémon was in his usual spot, lying on one of the arms of the couch. Meanwhile, the Trubbish seated right next to Keith gave a small yawn, and the Seviper coiled up in the floor gave a decidedly disinterested hiss. Keith glanced behind him, and saw the Blue-Striped Basculin in the aquarium shake her head no.

Yeah, no, came Mustard's voice in Keith's head, the Weezing floating right beside the couch. Me and Gemini are thinking of hitting the hay pretty soon, actually.

"Yeah, didn't really think so," Keith shrugged. "I'm guessing we all want to get to sleep early, right?" The various Pokémon again replied, this time to register their emphatic agreement with what Keith was saying. "Yeah, same here," Keith nodded. "OK, I'm thinking we all turn in once the movie's over."

A few hours later, night had totally fallen. It was 10:30 at night, the movie was long over, and Keith had fallen asleep on the couch. Gemini and Mustard had made sure to turn out the light and drape a blanket over Keith before they floated out of the room. Meowth had gone to sleep in Keith's room, and Pisces had crawled out of the aquarium, dragged herself using her fins all the way to the indoor pool, and was currently asleep in there. Ariana, Keith's Trubbish, was asleep on the couch beside her Trainer, snuggled up to him in her sleep. And Marvolo, he was just starting to drift off to sleep. This year, he vowed, would be unlike the previous two Christmas Eves. It was hard for him to forget what happened two years ago, when he accidentally ate one of Santa Claus's flying Stantler, and subsequently had to help pull Santa's sleigh himself in order to save Christmas. And then there was last year, when Santa called upon Marvolo's help to build him a new sleigh after an accident destroyed the old one. But this year, this year, Marvolo was determined to have a perfectly normal Chrismas. Perhaps he'd "persuade" Keith to take him to visit Hyrem, and more to the point, Amethyst and Kinana- Marvolo knew he had to be there for his daughter's first Christmas. And with this happy thought, he started to drift off into a peaceful slumb-

"Hey. You," came a gruff voice.

Marvolo's eyes snapped open. No. Surely not. Reluctantly he lifted up his head and looked up at the fireplace- sure enough, the Plusle elf and Minun elf dolls were moving on their own, just as they'd done last year. They hopped down to the floor and approached the Poison-type, who eyed them with a total lack of enthusiasm. So much for a normal Christmas Eve...

"Pluself. Minelf," Marvolo curtly greeted the sentient stuffed toys.

"Marv," replied Pluself, still in that same gruff voice that completely contrasted his and Minelf's cutesy appearances. "Hey, me and Minelf heard the good news- you're a father now, eh?"

"That's right," Marvolo hissed, a hint of pride in his voice. "But you didn't come to life just to congratulate me. What's wrong this year?"

Minelf sighed. "We got trouble, up at the Pole," he said. "Y'know how Christmas gets all the commercialization, all the sales and TV specials and all that crap? Well, the other holidays, the ones that don't get such preferential treatment, they ain't so pleased."

"Wait- what the hell do you mean, the other holidays?" Marvolo demanded.

"I mean the legendary figures who are to their holidays what Santa is to Christmas," said Minelf. "The Easter Bunny. The Great Pumpkin. See, they're fed up, and they wanna take Christmas down a peg."

"You might say it just ain't their day," smirked Pluself.

Minelf turned and punched Pluself in the head. "Shut up, Pluself," snapped Minelf. "Anyways," he added, turning back to Marvolo. "They're up at the Pole right now, holding the big guy hostage until the 26th."

"Doesn't Santa have, like, a bunch of Delibird in addition to the Stantler?" asked Marvolo. "They can't handle, what, some overgrown gourd and some long-eared rodent?"

"They can't even get to them," said Pluself. "The Great Pumpkin and Easter Bunny may be Pokémon, but they're magic, like Santa. They've sealed off the workshop. They got all sorts of powers their own kind don't got, just like Santa's got powers normal humans don't got, get it?"

"So what do you want from me?" asked Marvolo. "Taking on super powerful magic Pokémon? I'm good, yeah, but still!"

"Yeah, we been thinking about that, and this is the thing- we want to get Keith involved," said Minelf. "We heard about what went down in Mt. Aduro over the summer, and we figure if your Trainer can pull off something like that, he can pull this off, especially if he's commanding youse. So, you think he'll be open-minded enough to not waste too much time with questions?"

"It's possible," Marvolo remarked, glancing at his sleeping Trainer. "Alright, I'm in. I'll wake him up-"

"I got this," Pluself interrupted, the plush Plusle hopping up onto Keith's sleeping form and slapping him in the face. "Hey, stupid, get up," he added.

"Zzzz- huh! Wha?! What the-" Keith spluttered as he awoke with a jolt. "What the... who... wha-" he said as his eyes focused on the sentient plush toy currently waking him up. "Very funny, Myrtle," he grumbled. "You might not sleep, but some of us have to..."

"Hate to break it to you, man, but this ain't your Banette," Pluself said. "Name's Pluself. Over there on the floor's my associate Minelf."

"'Sup?" Minelf added.

Keith glanced back and forth between Pluself and Minelf. "...Yeesh," he murmured, rubbing his eyes. "The hell did I eat? This has gotta be one of the weirdest dreams I ever-"

"Yeah, no, it's no dream," interrupted Pluself, who had hopped off of Keith and onto the coffee table. "Look, time's running short, so I'll make this quick- Santa needs your help, you and Marvolo. The Great Pumpkin and the Easter Bunny wanna knock Christmas down a peg, so they're holding the big guy hostage in his own workshop."

"OK, assuming this isn't some kind of elaborate prank-" began Keith.

"Seee, Seviper!" Marvolo interrupted, shaking his head. Keith met Marvolo's gaze, and the two maintained eye contact for a moment.

"...This is for real," Keith finally said.

"Sssseviper," nodded Marvolo.

"...Holy crap," Keith murmured. "Well, OK, I guess we're saving Christmas, then. OK, what do we do?" As he spoke, he scooped up a Poké Ball off of the table nearby- his Scraggy's. He figured it might come in handy.

"You stand there," stated Minelf. "Me and Pluself, we'll warp youse to the North Pole once you're ready."

"Wait- you're not coming with?" Keith asked.

"Yeah, no, we can't," said Pluself apologetically. "There's limits to our powers. But Marv here's been up there before, he'd be able to point youse in the right direction. In fact, y'know what, maybe this'd speed things along," he added, before unleashing a beautiful bolt of red and green electricity. Keith flinched as the electricity flew at him, but it didn't hurt at all. On the contrary, the electricity only caused a pleasant tickling sensation, and Keith could swear he could hear the faint sound of sleigh bells ringing in his ears until Pluself stopped... whatever the hell it was doing.

"What the hell was that?" Marvolo murmured.

"I dunno," Keith replied. "I mean, it looked like a Thunder Shock, but it didn't hurt at all-" he stopped at that point as it sank in, what exactly had just happened there- Marvolo had asked a question, and he, Keith, understood the words. He looked at Marvolo, eyes wide, mouth opening and closing like a Remoraid out of water. "Tha- I- Did I- Did you- What just-"

"You can understand Seviper language now," said Pluself. "You're friggin' welcome. Would've made you understand all Pokémon languages, like your friend Jake, but we ain't got that kind of juice. So yeah, Marv can convey stuff to you much quicker now, which'll come in handy up at the Pole."

"Or he could've woken up Meowth there," argued Minelf.

Keith shook his head. "Waking Meowth up in the middle of the night isn't a good idea," he said firmly. "Fang tried it once. He still has the scars."

"Ouch," winced Minelf. "OK, point taken. Now let's get moving! Big guy's supposed to take off at midnight, that gives you... an hour and fifteen minutes."

"Right!" Keith murmured. He stood beside Marvolo in the living room, as Pluself and Minelf both glowed brightly. Once Keith could see again, his jaw dropped- they were standing in a frozen wasteland, with a large castle up ahead of them. A bunch of Stantler and Delibird were attempting to break into the castle. Keith and Marvolo looked at each other. "I'm guessing that's-" began Keith.

"Santa's workshop? That's the place," nodded Marvolo.

"So I'm guessing it's a long story, how you came to be familiar with the North Pole, right?" Keith asked his Seviper as they started off towards the castle.

"Oh, yeah," Marvolo replied. "Let's just say I've saved Christmas a couple of times before."

"Remind me to ask for more details when we're back home," Keith stated as they drew closer to the castle. The Pokémon nearest to them had noticed their arrival, though Keith couldn't help but notice how the Stantler were warily regarding Marvolo.

"Marvolo," one of the Stantler greeted the Seviper curtly.

"Blitzen," Marvolo hissed back. "What's the situation?"

"The Great Pumpkin and Easter Bunny, they've set some kind of magical barrier around every entrance," Blitzen reported. "None of us can break through. One of the Delibird tried blasting it with Present, but that only made it stronger."

"Magical barrier?" Marvolo repeated. "Well, that ain't good. Any ideas?" he added, turning to Keith.

"One," Keith said after a moment's thought. "It seems almost too simple to work, but I think it's at least worth a shot." As he spoke, he threw the Poké Ball he had brought into the air. "Bart! Brick Break!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, Keith's Scraggy appeared on the ground. "Scraggy!" he exclaimed, hitching up his "pants" and taking a running start towards the door. As he ran, he raised one hand above his head, then brought it down on an invisible barrier just before the door in a swift chopping motion. And to Keith's delight, the barrier instantly became visible- a transparent red cube of energy surrounding the entire workshop. Even more to Keith's delight, numerous cracks started forming all over the cube. And then, the barrier shattered into shards of energy which dissipated almost instantly.

"...Whoa," Blitzen murmured. "OK, I'll admit it, I never would've thought of Brick Break. Not that any of those Delibird know it anyway, but still..."

"Alright, looks like we're in," Keith grinned, exchanging looks with Marvolo as he withdrew Bart. "C'mon, everyone!" And with that, he pushed the door open and led the way inside. Marvolo was the first to follow him in, followed by Santa's Stantler, but before the Delibird could follow them in, the door slammed shut once more, and judging by the commotion that was kicking up, the barrier had been reapplied. "OK, looks like they know we're here," Keith sighed. "Well, no matter. We gotta do this anyway. C'mon."

He led the way down the small corridor, which led into a large room. Judging by the rolls of wrapping paper all over the place, this was where the presents were wrapped. But right now, only one aspect of this room was catching Keith's attention- the large flying dragon hovering in the middle of the room. It had a long tail, bat-like wings, and ears like speakers. Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at this Pokémon.

"Noivern, the Sound Wave Pokémon, and the evolved form of Noibat," said the Pokédex. "Noivern is virtually unmatched in a battle in the dark. It flies around on moonless nights and swoops out of the dark to attack, usually by emitting destructive sound waves from its ears."

"One of the Great Pumpkin's goons," Blitzen stated, eyeing the Noivern warily. "That thing's strong."

"Pfft," Marvolo replied. "I can take it."

"You're not tackling that thing alone, Marvolo," Keith said sternly. "The Stantler can help you. It's the smart thing to do, and you know it."

"...yeah, I know," Marvolo hissed grudgingly as he slithered forward, along with the eight Stantler that had accompanied them. All eight Stantler rose up into the air, hovering level with Noivern in the spacious room. Keith blinked in surprise, but remembered in the next second- of course. Santa's Stantler. Right. They could fly.

"OK, Marvolo! Toxic attack, let's go!" Keith ordered. Marvolo hissed viciously as he fired a blast of vile purple liquid from his mouth. Noivern shrieked in agony as the especially bad poisoning started to set in. And then, several of the Stantler unleashed simultaneous Thunderbolt attacks, capitalizing on the Noivern's momentary distraction.

"Heh. So, he did teach more of them Thunderbolt, then," Marvolo murmured. "Long story," he added in response to Keith's questioning look.

Keith shrugged. He was curious about it, no question, but he knew this was far from the time or the place. "OK, now, Marvolo, use Venom Drench!" he instead said.

Marvolo smirked evilly before unleashing another vile blast of liquid. This one reacted with the poison already in Noivern's system, weakening it significantly. Noivern chose that moment to strike back, letting loose a blast of sound akin to that of an explosion. Keith covered his ears as the Boomburst washed over him, but several of the Stantler weren't so lucky- Dancer, Comet, and Dasher 2.0 had all fainted.

"Marvolo, do it!" Keith exclaimed, undeterred. "Venoshock attack!"

"Ooh, I like," Marvolo hissed sadistically. This time, the liquid he fired from his mouth was a vivid shade of green. Noivern shrieked in agony as the Venoshock splattered against it, reacting violently with the poison in its system, this time to cause significant damage.

"Now let's wrap this up with Dragon Pulse!" Keith commanded. And Marvolo did not need to be told twice! The powerful blast of Dragon energy erupted from Marvolo's mouth. Quickly, Noivern attempted to ready its own Dragon Pulse, but Marvolo's was quicker (thanks to the Speed-lowering effects of Venom Drench), and Noivern took the full force of the attack, causing a minor explosion. When the dust settled, Noivern had collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

"Let's keep moving, c'mon," Keith urged Marvolo and the Stantler that were still conscious. Quickly, he led the way across the room and through a small door the Noivern had been barring their access to previously. There were a few more exits to that room, but this, Keith noticed, was the only one Noivern had been bothering to block. This time, they were in a somewhat longer hallway, which gave Keith the opportunity to ask Marvolo to elaborate on his previous experiences with the North Pole.

" then Santa tells me that since I ate Dasher, I'd be able to fly just like him until I digested him completely," Marvolo was saying. "So he hooks me up to the sleigh and I help fly the thing all over the world. And let me tell you, that thing is fucking heavy! No wonder he needs eight Stantler to pull it!"

"Wow," Keith murmured. "So, how did that go?"

"Could've been worse," conceded Marvolo. "Had to tap into the energy I save up for Flamethrower in order to keep warm. Except when we were in Hoenn, anyway."

"Yeah, that sounds about right," Keith grinned. "Hoenn's nice and tropical. Never even saw snow until I arrived in the Fizzytopia region."

"Speaking of tropical..." Marvolo replied, for at that moment, they had entered the next room. A pair of what appeared to be sentient palm trees stood at the opposite end of what Keith could only assume was the actual workshop where toys were made, judging by all the tools and half-built toys lying around. But right now, he was focused on their arboreal adversaries. They stood on either side of a pair of double doors, and the looks on their many faces made it clear they weren't going to just let them past. Keith pointed his Pokédex at them.

"Exeggutor, the Coconut Pokémon, and the evolved form of Exeggcute," said Keith's Pokédex. "Exeggutor is known as 'the walking tropical rainforest'. Each of its heads thinks independently of the other heads, and if one head were to drop off, it would send out a telepathic call to other dropped Exeggutor heads, and they would gather to form an Exeggcute cluster."

"I'm guessing these are the Easter Bunny's minions," Keith speculated. "Alright, guys, we can take 'em!" he declared. "Marvolo, start things off with Sludge Wave attack!"

And with that, the battle commenced. Both Exeggutor were hit hard by Marvolo's Sludge Wave, but quickly retaliated with powerful Psychic attacks, aimed at the whole group. Which was lucky for Marvolo- had they been concentrated entirely on him, they could have knocked him out. But no, he was still standing. Which was more than could be said for Prancer, Vixen, and Cupid- they had fainted from the Exeggutor's attacks.

Undeterred, Keith called out another order. "Marvolo! Poison Tail the left one!" he ordered.

As Marvolo slammed his glowing purple tail blade into the left Exeggutor, Donner dashed forward, hitting the right Exeggutor with a powerful Megahorn, while Blitzen unleashed Signal Beam. In response to these super effective Bug moves, the right Exeggutor's trunk glowed a harsh shade of green, and it tackled Donner hard, the powerful Wood Hammer knocking out the Stantler immediately. Fortunately, the recoil damage from the powerful Grass move was the straw that broke the Numel's back- Exeggutor fainted as well. At the same time, Marvolo's repeated Poison Tail attacks took their toll on the other Exeggutor, and it too was felled.

"OK," Keith grinned. "Great work, guys. Let's keep moving."

"Santa's office should be just through that door," Blitzen said to Marvolo, who translated this for Keith, though still marveled at the notion that Keith could understand him now.

"And lemme guess- that's where Santa's being held?" Keith asked. Blitzen nodded. "OK," Keith sighed. "Well, let's just try and be ready for anything, then." As he spoke, he sent Bart back out- he figured he'd need all the help he could get here. And then, after taking a deep breath, he pushed the double doors open and walked through him.

Santa's office was huge. There was a large desk on the opposite end, numerous bookshelves and television screens, the latter of which seemed to depict various parts of the world. A small door off to the left, according to the sign hung on it, led to the room where the naughty-and-nice list was kept. More importantly, there sat the man himself, Santa Claus, behind the desk. He was tied to his seat with what appeared to be tinsel, and a pair of large Pokémon stood in between him and Keith. One of them appeared to be a large Jack-O-Lantern with something growing out of the top, hovering in midair. The other, a large, somewhat rotund rabbit, with powerful-looking ears. Keith aimed his Pokédex at them.

"Gourgeist, the Pumpkin Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pumpkaboo," said the Pokédex. "Gourgeist comes in four different sizes, ranging from Small Size to the rare Super Size. It is rumored that a Super Size Gourgeist with unusual powers exists somewhere in the world as the Great Pumpkin." And then the image changed to match the fat rabbit. "Diggersby, the Digging Pokémon, and the evolved form of Bunnelby," it continued. "Diggersby's powerful ears make it a valuable asset at any construction site, as they allow it to easily lift boulders weighing over a ton. The Easter Bunny is commonly believed to be a Diggersby."

"So," Keith said. "The Great Pumpkin and the Easter Bunny, I presume?"

"Yeah, that's right," the Diggersby replied- speaking in perfect English, to Keith's astonishment. "Oh, don't look so surprised," the Easter Bunny added, for Keith's surprise had shown on his face. "Old Man Kringle here understands what Pokémon say, after all."

"So, what, you think you're going to free Santa, save Christmas, all that shit?" demanded the Great Pumpkin.

"Well, I'm gonna try," Keith said defiantly.

"That's telling them!" Santa called from his seat. "Blitzen, work with Marvolo! You can do this!"

"Marvolo, Bart, let's go!" Keith exclaimed. "Marvolo, use Flamethrower on the Great Pumpkin! Bart, use High Jump Kick on the Easter Bunny!" As he spoke, he registered just how bizarre these orders sounded.

"Hey, EB- here!" the Great Pumpkin exclaimed. At once, several ghost-like wisps of energy emanated from the Great Pumpkin's body and circled the Diggersby for a moment before drifting into his body. In the next instant, Bart had lunged at the Easter Bunny, but inexplicably passed right through him! Keith looked on as his Scraggy nursed an injured knee on the floor behind the Easter Bunny.

"What- but- how?!" Keith spluttered. His Pokédex spoke up at that moment with an answer.

"Trick-Or-Treat- Gourgeist's special attack," said the device. "Gourgeist adds the Ghost-type to the target temporarily."

"So that's why High Jump Kick missed- he turned the Easter Bunny into a Ghost-type!" Marvolo exclaimed, before launching a Flamethrower. The Great Pumpkin was caught off-guard and took the super effective move. However, it didn't seem too badly hurt by the move, and in fact retaliated with a Flamethrower of its own. Marvolo screeched angrily as the flames assaulted him.

"Gah..." Keith grunted. "Bart, use Crunch!"

"Scraggy!!" Bart exclaimed, jumping up and biting the Diggersby. The Normal/Ground/Ghost-type exclaimed as he felt the currently super effective move, but with his ears, plucked the Scraggy off of him and threw him across the room with ease. At the same time, the Great Pumpkin slammed Marvolo with a Shadow Ball, sending him skidding across the floor.

Blitzen, meanwhile, was in the air, firing Shadow Balls at the Great Pumpkin, but in an instant, he too was in the air, evading the super effective blows with remarkable agility. The Stantler warily eyed the Great Pumpkin as he flew around the Normal-type... only to not see the Easter Bunny jumping up at him. "Blitzen, look out!" Keith shouted, but it was too late- the Easter Bunny had struck with a powerful Hammer Arm, and the Stantler was knocked out before he hit the floor. Meanwhile, the Great Pumpkin focused on Bart, and before Keith could issue orders, the Gourgeist unleashed Bullet Seed upon the Scraggy, knocking him out as well.

"Well, well, well," sneered the Easter Bunny. "All that's left is you two. A puny human and a sub-par Seviper. You guys are gonna save Christmas? HAH!"

"Yeah, enjoy your precious Christmas while it lasts," smirked the Great Pumpkin.

"What do you two even got against Christmas, anyway?" demanded Keith. "What's so bad about it that you want it ruined?"

"What's so bad about it?!" repeated the Easter Bunny. "I'll tell you what's so bad! Fat man back here keeps getting all kinds of letters from kids every year, kids who want him to break into their homes and give them stuff! Do you think I get that kind of publicity? No, sir!"

"And half the world doesn't even believe in me!" the Great Pumpkin added. "They think I was just invented for that one TV special!"

"Not to mention, how far in advance were stores stocking Christmas stuff?" demanded the Easter Bunny. "As far back as, what, September, right? Nobody gives two shits about Easter or Halloween anymore! That's why we gotta knock Christmas down a peg- we're saving our own holidays before they get wiped off the calendar altogether!"

"You two are stupid idiots, you know that?" Marvolo hissed. "You think stopping Santa means stopping Christmas? Christmas isn't just some fat prowler coming down the chimney and leaving presents. It's about love, happiness, being with family, all that good stuff."

"And you know what else?" Keith added. "Christmas is just one day out of the year, however early people start to get ready for it. Easter and Halloween will never be wiped out completely- your holidays are necessary, they give us something to look forward to while we wait for the next Christmas, don't you see? The year would be ass personified if Christmas was the only thing we ever had to look forward to."

Neither the Easter Bunny nor the Great Pumpkin spoke for a moment as they each exchanged looks. At last, the Easter Bunny spoke up, following a brief silence. "...They make good points," he said quietly. "What do you think, GP?"

"I think we been a couple of idiots," sighed the Great Pumpkin. "What are we doing, man? Stopping Santa from delivering wouldn't kill Christmas- it'd just give our holidays some seriously bad PR."

"Damn straight," nodded the Easter Bunny. Then, they turned to face Santa, and started to untie him, the Easter Bunny using his ears, and the Great Pumpkin using his long hairlike arms.

Keith and Marvolo exchanged small grins as, at last, Santa Claus was free.

"Man, we're sorry, Santa," said the Great Pumpkin. "I feel like a Small Size Gourgeist right about now. We were stupid."

"Yeah, we... me too, I'm... sorry," mumbled the Easter Bunny, looking down ashamedly.

"Ho, ho, quite all right," Santa smiled warmly. "There's still ten minutes left before I'm scheduled to take off- plenty of time to make the final preparations! And what's more, you two clearly seem to have learned your lessons. No harm done whatsoever. Now, who's gonna help me finish preparing to take off?" he asked.

Santa was true to his word. As it neared midnight, everything was coming together. The bag of gifts had already been packed prior to the incident, and was now being carefully loaded into the sleigh by numerous Delibird, as well as the Easter Bunny. Santa's endless supply of Christmas magic allowed him to revive his unconscious Stantler, all eight of whom were now hooked up to the sleigh. Santa himself was dressed in his trademark red suit, and looked ready to go. And perhaps most exciting to Keith, he and Marvolo were allowed to ride along until Santa swung by their Secret Base.

The experience was a magical one. Keith thoroughly enjoyed the ride, and in his opinion, they arrived back on the roof of his Secret Base entirely too early for his liking.

"Thank you both," Santa said as Keith and Marvolo climbed out of the sleigh. "I'm glad you were able to talk sense into the Great Pumpkin and the Easter Bunny. That's three years in a row now that Christmas has needed saving... they say these things always come in threes, so perhaps this may be the last time I require your help."

"Well, if it isn't, I'll be happy to help," Keith replied.

"As will I," added Marvolo. "I'm starting to like this whole saving-Christmas deal."

"Ho, ho, ho!" Santa laughed heartily. "Good to know, good to know! Now... perhaps you two should get some sleep?" he suggested. Before either one of them could reply, Santa clapped his hands twice, and snowflakes swirled all around Keith and Marvolo.

Keith blinked. They were back in the living room, Ariana still asleep on the couch, Pluself and Minelf glancing up at them. "Heeeey, nice work, you two!" grinned Pluself.

"Yeah," nodded Minelf. "Now, don't expect to see us every Christmas, y'know? We only come to life if it's an emergency, and just because this makes three Christmases in a row that needed saving don't mean it's gonna be a regular thing."

"That's more or less what you said last year," Marvolo pointed out, smirking.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," chuckled Minelf. "Alright, get some sleep, you two," he added as he and Pluself climbed back onto the fireplace.

"Marvolo, hold up a sec," Keith said, reaching into his backpack, which was lying on the coffee table. "Considering all that's just happened, not to mention this history you seem to have of saving Christmas... you think you might prefer being in this ball?" As he spoke, he produced from his backpack a red and green sphere- a Christmas Ball.

Marvolo studied the Christmas Ball for a moment before grinning. "You know, that could work," he said finally. "I mean, I personally prefer the Vampire Ball, but I can't deny this'd be fitting for me after all that's happened. OK, make it happen," he decided.

Keith smiled. He produced Marvolo's Poké Ball from his backpack, and fiddled with it until it split in half. He then tapped Marvolo with the Christmas Ball. It sucked the Seviper inside and pinged shut almost immediately. Keith then threw the Christmas Ball, unleashing Marvolo in a swirl of snowflakes, who coiled up on the floor, falling asleep almost instantly. Taking the hint, Keith laid back down on the couch, looking to get some sleep himself. It had been a long night. Indeed, when he awoke the next morning, Keith wasn't sure whether it had all been a dream... until, of course, he found he could still understand Seviper language.

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