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Originally Posted by Electric Blue Eye View Post
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Walking along the path to the Cable Club, a young man named Ethan; wearing his usual winter wear: Opened black leather jacket, black sweater, sporting a grey scarf, with jeans, comfortable combat boots and black hat; looked up at the morning sun peaking it's head through the clouds as a brisk wind seemed to pass right through him! Causing him to hug his jacket even closer...

It was that time of year again where the wind was chilly and one didn't mind the idea of finding someone to cuddle up next to, to keep warm at night. For Ethan that last part, wasn't much of an issue as he had his girlfriend but the main issue he was having, was, he didn't have a base to currently call home just yet...

"Construction of our new home will finish soon..." The trainer muttered to his two Pokémon companions of the day, Chris and Emmett.

Emmett was the trainer's Pignite. Being part Fire Type, the Fire Starter didn't find any problems with dealing with cold weather. Going outside with not so much as a scarf to keep him warm. The confident attitude he found since his evolution, making the pig have a spring in his step as he walked. He was so much more then just his old frighten self and often wondered how his Tepig brother was doing with it's trainer since the last time he had seen him.

Almost in stark contrast, Chris the Snivy looked mildly annoyed, whether it was due to the cold wasn't so clear, as the Grass Type tended to have a face of discomfort plastered on. His pride wouldn't let him wear a scarf, but he was eventually talked into the idea of at least wearing one to go outside by the trainer's Budew, who Chris denied wasn't his girlfriend.

A gust of warm air greeted the trio as they entered inside the building, finally arriving to their destination, causing a relaxing and comfortable feeling to fall over them as Ethan began looking for the man he was there to meet.

Swiftly looking for the individual, Ethan scanned the floor searching for...Levin- a trainer known far and wide for his exploits and of late, a man hatching many super rare eggs before his retirement.

"Levin!" Ethan said, greeting the other trainer with a handshake, "Thanks so much for agreeing to this. If I had more to offer, I would have but thanks for accepting on the small sum I offered to you anyway. Your Pokémon will be in great hands- ever since Razor went with you, I've felt the need to add someone of equal caliber to depend on. Hopefully this Pokémon will turn out to be everything I want it to be."

Trading over his sum of items to the other trainer, a red and white Pokéball was soon transferred over and with a wave of a hand the trainer departed to somewhere more private before introducing himself to his new Pokémon.

When he found a location that wasn't too crowded. The trainer sat down on a nearby bench and with his two Pokémon next to him, released his new one he had just acquired.

The capsule popped open, and with a silvery-blue light revealed an Oshawott onto the floor.

The otter like Pokémon looked at its new trainer and Pokémon with a curious look, "Oshawott." The Water Type nodded before bowing respectfully.

"Oshawott, starting today you will be my Pokémon. My name is Ethan Rivers, it's a pleasure to meet you and a privilege. I hail from the Unova region and when I was younger I wanted to ask the Professor for a Pokémon to travel the world with but, life took me on a different path, however, as you can see, I have gathered you all now and that makes me happier then any child opening his Christmas presents on midnight!"

"Pignite!" The enthusiastic Fighting Type wrestler flexed his biceps, throwing a bit of fire from its nostrils before walking over to it's new companion and offering it it's hand.

"This is Emmett, his quite strong. So don't let his size fool you. He's a warrior, so he's got a good heart."

"Oshawott!" The Water Starter reciprocated by shaking hands as well.

Looking how well the two got along from the start was a nice scene..."Hey, Snivy? Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" He asked, as the Snivy quickly did just that, walking over with his 'I'm better then you' attitude. Offering his hand, with his head and nose pointed upward, "Haha...Snivy's a bit hard to swallow, and he wouldn't admit it but he cares a lot for the Pokémon on the team. I've known that for years, that's why he's someone I've depended on for many important Pokémon matches."

With the introductions out of the way, Ethan grabbed the scarf around his neck and wrapped it around his new Oshawott, "It's freezing outside, so you should keep warm too."


"You know, I might not know a lot about you just yet but looking at you like this...looking into your eyes, you remind me of a Pokémon a Gym Leader once used in a Gym Battle against me. With my Gastly, James we fought against his Dewott, that was frighteningly skilled with the a Shell. In fact-" he said grabbing something from his pocket, "This Shoal Shell belonged to him, if you want, you can carry it around with you."

Looking at the well crafted shell, shining from the Cable Club's ceiling lights, the Water Starter looked practical mesmerized.

"Go on then," the trainer grabbed his Pokémon's paw and placed the shell on top. "Consider it a gift, from your new family. Welcome to the team, Percy."

OoC: Trading to MZ...5 candies, 520 Pokedollars, 1 Chocolate Ball, 1 Valentines Ball, 1 TM Attract, 1 Rare Bone, 1 TM Shadow Ball, 4 Orange Gummis, 3 Persim Berries, 3 Kelpsy Berries, 3 Occa Berries, 3 Salac Berries and 3 Jaboca Berries for his Lv.1 Male Oshawott; thanks so much!

Trade Started.
Trading Lv 1 Male Oshawott to Electric Blue Eye for the items above.

*Trade closed*
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